1. E

    Any one with dash future prediction ?

    i do want to know if anyone with knowledge of dash future prediction?
  2. K

    Hyperpay will be launch DASH Promotion , hope you join us

    At 23:59(UTC+8)this Friday, HyperPay will launch the 6th round of Black Five Promotion,a 14-day DASH PoS mining pool features 200% of regular POS revenue with no deposit limit. In addition,users can free of withdrawal charge once a day. HyperPay provides 880,000 users with various financial...
  3. M

    withdrawl of dashcoin from minergate

    hey.I cannot withdraw my dashcoins from minergate. the official support is saying that there is a problem with the dashcoin code and the devs only can fix this, they say dash code need to be updated.please help me.what should i do.This is a screenshot of problem.
  4. A

    How Do you Recieve Dash coins from a cryptonote Dashcoin wallet f21c4c6??

    can someone help me figure out why i cant send any of my dashcoins from the cryptonote Dashcoin wallet f21c4c6 to the dash core wallet?? the cryptonote wallet only takes addresses like these : DBRi8mJByta5xYQ5yowqoyAwU3WVByBqJVE8yUb3z37XhJC1dR8MDD9SsGw2zoyioQC2P9DP5EN3AJtzmUmNLpNtRCbX7iM The...