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  1. R

    I sent a dash but it’s happen appear where I sent it

    I sent a dash from uphold wallet to my dash wallet and then I sent that same dash back to my uphold (using the same address from the first transaction). It is saying it complete but it hasn’t been reflected in my uphold yet. I wanted to know why that could be.
  2. OctoBitIO

    OctoBit.IO - Multicurrency online wallet

    https://octobit.io - Multicurrency online wallet Supported currencies: Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, OctoBit Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Waves, Dollars (USD), Rubles (RUB) Manage all your crypto-currencies from one online account. Safely store, easy to get and...
  3. A

    How to Store Dash: Review of Best Dash Wallets

    What Is Dash Coin? Dash is digital cash. Judging by the number of “What is Dash?” searches on various search engines, Dash is the cryptocurrency to get hooked onto. But before you start acquiring Dash, you have to figure out how to store Dash and the factors you need to consider to select the...
  4. D

    How to calculate Dash balance using xpub-key?

    hey I’m new in this world, please help. I have public key (extended public key), how will I get the wallet’s balance? I cannot find API and sample code or anything related to wallet code Please help, please point me to api documents or sample.
  5. Dashmaximalist

    Jump start dash adoption by acquiring 400k users in 4 months

    Hi everyone, This is one of very first marketing campaigns which is a Direct result oriented meaning you get precise results per $ spent, which would be very reassuring for those who are looking at the marketing effectiveness. Bitcoin is expected have around 10-25 million users and it's...
  6. Dashmaximalist

    should we add dash videos and merchant map to the dash wallet app ?

    dash engineering have been wokring on the dash android app which works pretty good actually i wish they added couple of more feature which helps users greatly add couple of videos on dash and how dash is better than others ( which we can recommend etc ) a dash merchant map to know where to...
  7. D

    DashWallet.com - First Dash-Exclusive Web Wallet

    DEVELOPMENT OF EXCLUSIVE DASH-ONLY WEB WALLET - DASHWALLET.COM DASH needs and should have an exclusive, Dash-only web based wallet. In order for Dash to expand further and reach our goal of becoming the world-wide 'Digital Cash' we need a user-friendly, intuitive and secure web wallet that even...
  8. N

    "Not yet redeemed" Meaning

    Hello everyone, I used changelly to convert my bitcoin to Dash. Changelly is saying that transaction is successful and when I checked the input transaction is split into two: 1. first part - says redeemed - the recipient address is not mine 2. second part - says 'Not yet redeemed' - recipient...
  9. D

    My wallet is not connecting to the Dash network

    Hello, Since I installed the official Dash Core Wallet, I havent got a connection to the network, it sais "0 active connections to Dash network". I have already checked my Firewall, and marked it as safe. That didn´t help though. Can someBODY please help me? David (sorry for the overused...
  10. maripao

    Monedero Dash android

    Hola a todos, no estoy pudiendo enviar mis Dash que están en C-CEX, me podrían ayudar? coloco recibir copio el QR generado, luego voy a C-CEX e ingreso los datos y la dirección, y nada. Será q estoy haciendo algo mal?
  11. T

    Еще один Dash кошелек

    Всем привет! :) Нашел еще один кошелек для хранения ваших DASH. Если по какой то причине вам не нравится Electrum-Dash, нет желания/возможности качать/держать весь блокчейн Dash Core, мобильный кошелек Coinnomi и Jaxx вам тоже чем то не подходят. Тогда обратите внимание на красивый и...
  12. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash RSVPs To The Jaxx Party! Integration coming soon.

    Woot! Woot! http://decentral.ca/jaxx-dash-integration-preview/ Jaxx is a slick looking wallet, and they have an in at the App Store! So exciting...
  13. HashEngineering

    Dash Wallet for Android [testnet]

    This topic is closed. Future discussion of the TestNet version of the app will be here: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-wallet-for-android-v5-testnet.14775/ The testnet version of the Dash Wallet for Android has been updated for the v12.1 testnet. This version is for testing only...