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    Antminer D3 Power Supplies

    I want to buy a APW3++ psu, it can run at 1600w with 220v, bitmain also states that when running at 110v(which is what I have) it provides 1200w, the antminer D3 needs 1200w, is it enough to power my D3 and will it damage my device? Or is there any other power supplies(110v and over 1200w) that...
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    P2Pool [12.01.05] p2poolmining.us - Announcing new San Jose, Ca. Node

    P2PoolMining.US is excited to announce the availability of our new San Jose, CA P2Pool DASH Node! San Jose, California SERVER: stratum+tcp://dash05.p2poolmining.us:7903 (or http://dash05.p2poolmining.us:7903) PORT: 7903 USERNAME: Your Dash wallet address PASSWORD: x This p2pool node status...
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    Dash Mining but there is no dash, pls help

    I download DashCore wallet, create one, has some addresses in the wallet. Then I tried to run CPU mining (Just for first testing to know if it can mine) ./minerd -a X11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u XvC4G96nd8YLxa9M39rc5Vur58uy4Egjkz -p password -t 8 pause It means...