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  1. A

    Dash owns Dash Core Group which owns a DASH trademark

    How does this work? i just read this blog post "The Dash Network Now Owns a Dash Trademark" and I don't understand how the DASH Core Group is owned by the DASH network? The DASH network is financing DASH Core Group but how does the networks owns the Core Group? Also i don't understand the DASH...
  2. Mark Mason

    Exclusive: Dash Cryptocurrency Is Now Backed By Gold

    The Dash Investment Foundation (DIF), the first ownerless and memberless investment fund in the world, recently purchased physical gold on the crypto to gold trading platform Vaultoro as part of the fund’s Dash to gold rebalancing strategy. Read more -...
  3. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Christopher's Crypto Chronicles (Jan 11)

    Brian Armstrong predicts a privacy coin will gain mainstream adoption by the end of the 2020s, Cointelegraph's integrity appears to be slipping, Demelza Hays joins the Dash Investment Foundation, and EvoNet review with all current features explored, and Whitebit implements Dash InstantSend. All...