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  1. fengzie

    Pre-proposal: Support Dash in Purely Decentralized Market

    Openbazaar is a well-known decentralized shopping platform in the crypto industry. After the development company announced the suspension of operation in January 2021 (Contrary to the philosophy of the investment company), our team and community leaders took over the operation. Mobazha is...
  2. kot

    Dash Core Group Q1 Quarterly Call - 22.04.2021

    Dear Dash Community Members, I would like to kindly invite you to the Dash Core Group Q1 Quarterly Call, where we will provide you with the recent updates about the project progress, technology, and business development efforts, made during the last quarter. We have prepared an update of the...
  3. C

    Pre-proposal: Social Media Marketing via YouTube Sponsorship

    I have uploaded my pre-proposal. I'm unable to submit a copy/paste of my document on this forum. An error message pops up saying "there's elements of spam. Please contact administrator".
  4. C

    5 DASH

    No one prefers presenting a proposition, which as of now costs ~$20, and afterward have it neglect to pass - losing your 5 DASH until the end of time. I accept this strategy does without a doubt debilitate spammers however it likewise disheartens genuine givers that might've misinterpreted their...
  5. UltimateCrypto

    Dash in Africa is collapsing. A must Read by Masternodes

    Dash Hub Africa proposal intend to grow Africa steadily with a self sustaining strategy. Need 462 Yes Vote to become funded. From your masternode cold wallet (the one having your 1000 DASH vins and where the revenue arrives). To vote from dash-qt (graphical wallet), go to Tools > Debug...
  6. UltimateCrypto

    Proposal Updated: Dash Hub Kumasi, Ghana Business Development and Expansion Plan (Dec to May 2019)

    Dear MNOs And Dash Community! Dash Hub Africa have built a spotless reputation for Dash in Africa and we must retain it in order to keep existing Merchant Confident, Nurture new ones, Increase our Merchant On-boarding, Business usability In-store and Online and not jeopardize Dash speculator...
  7. UltimateCrypto

    DASH HUB Kumasi Business Development Plan, Low-Cost Merchant-Centric Strategy, Media Splash

    Hello Dash Community! We dearly submit our pre proposal to the network for accessment and contribution in order to create the best solution for Dash MassIve Usage in Africa. Proposal Summary A proposal that aims to achieve Business Development Plan for self-sustaining team by introducing Dash...
  8. Jechson Vieira

    Automation software + Dash Advertising

    Boa noite comunidade dash, eu sou Jechson e venho mostrar meu pré! Trabalhe no campo e viva o marketing, algum tempo! Espero receber um bom feedback de você DESCRIÇÃO DA PROPOSTA Software de Automação + Canal de Aconselhamento Financeiro + Propaganda de Dash Este pedido de fundos e execução...
  9. Mauricio Minello


    What is the best DASH application in your opinion?
  10. A


    AfricaDashNetwork.org STRENGTHENING THE AFRICAN DASH DIGITAL CASH MOVEMENT Africa Dash Network is a nonprofit educational and promotional organization dedicated to championing the ideas, understanding and usability of Dash Digital Cash across the African continent. DETAILS: Being engaged in...
  11. TheCryptoGrandpa

    Pre-proposal Video 1...my introduction

    Good day from the UK, My name is Christopher James Pomfret. Welcome to my video introduction to my pre-proposal of my vision for Dash to play a pivotal role in educating Tax Advisers across the world to solve a HUGE and URGENT need...immediately. Giving Dash an incredible brand enhancement...
  12. hardfork-series

    HardFork DASH Proposal: We Want Your Feedback

    [email protected], one of our actors and crew members, wanted to to introduce herself to you all. Check out this video [email protected] asked us to help her make, and be sure to leave us some comments: We also updated our proposal on Dash Central to give a better idea of ROI. If you have any questions about...
  13. G


    Hello folks! BITMAIN what did it is CRIME! So we must find solution for them, or they should find solution until we find! 1st is if they change firmware and it helps would be great!, 2nd if not, we must create a big group from all over the world who bought D3 and Appeal to the court! 3rd MAYBE...
  14. Islam

    Кто посоветует, как быть?!

    идея такая, имеется сервис специализирован по ремонту техники Apple За частую заказы поступают с выездом мастера! Работа ведётся на территории России в городе Санкт-Петербург Хочу внедрить систему расчётов Dash Есть кто может помочь ?!
  15. M

    WTT Dash Paper Wallet Exchange

    i have dash paper wallet anyone exvhange with bitcoin i have balance 0.23032647 i need btc
  16. Dashmaximalist

    dash is best currency out there with the worst performance, time to get serious

    before you get excited by recent dash growth, i would like you point out that other currencies have had a wonderful ride so far, ethereum up by 5000% even bitcoin went up 3 times in last few months dash has the best currency model out there , but still we are losing out big time the reason is...
  17. S

    selling bitmain account with 25 antminer D3, ready for payment

    selling bitmain account with 25 antminers waiting for payment, account going to the highest bidder. (preferably for someone in north america). email me at [email protected]
  18. G

    My Dash Transaction is still not redeemed

    Hello Everyone, I transferred some Dash coins into Bitcoins using Changelly but my transaction is still pending on Dash block Explorer. It is showing Not yet Redeemed. Its been more than a day, but my transaction is still pending. Can anybody help, as I am new to this Dash Interface, and i...
  19. ATLIEN7


    LIVECOIN.NET DASH DOWN - FRAUD SITE? DASH has been down from trading for the last 5 days on livecoin.net a exchange DASH.org refers you to. I have had zero access to my DASH or money for 5 days because of this fraud site. I would highly advise you to stay away from Livecoin.net. As of now...
  20. TaoOfSatoshi

    Masternode Setup, Buying Shares, And "Interest-Bearing" Accounts Of The Future | Dash: Detailed

    Amanda's latest. Enjoy. Also on Dash Nation: http://www.dashnation.com/education/masternode-setup-buying-shares-interest-bearing-accounts-future-dash-detailed/