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  1. Pete - DashCrypto

    100% Miners, 80% Masternodes, & Spork Still on Horizon | DASH: Detailed

    Transcript / Links: http://dashdetailed.com/100-miners-80-masternodes-spork-still-on-horizon-dash-detailed
  2. amanda_b_johnson

    PROPOSAL: Amanda to Present Evolution at Anarchapulco's “Cryptopulco”

    Reimbursement to Amanda B. Johnson and Pete Eyre for travel and lodging in Acapulco, Mexico, where Amanda will present DASH Evolution at Anarchapulco's special day of “Cryptopulco” on February 28th. Pete will record presentation and upload it to YouTube the same day. Details: Anarchapulco –...
  3. Pete - DashCrypto

    DASH: Detailed - Why Yes, This Water-Dispensing Machine Accepts Dash 'InstantSend'

    Dash is in Miami, Dashous.com is launched and global, and we continue the up-down price roller coaster but after each crash we end up a little higher than we were before. Hi, I'm Amanda B. Johnson and you're watching DASH: Detailed. Let's begin with Dash In The News. Dash got a mention in The...
  4. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal: All Subtitles for DASH: Detailed – Now Cheaper!

    Summary The DASH: Detailed team wants two payments of 50 Dash to: Get subtitles in 6 languages: French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. Publish Chinese-subtitled version of each episode on China's equivalent of YouTube, YouKu. (If DASH: Detailed seeks to renew its...
  5. Pete - DashCrypto

    Bitcoin's Bubble vs. Dash's Killer App: Amanda B. Johnson at UNM

    Cryptocurrency's ~14 billion dollar market cap is largely betting that one or more blockchain-based tokens become widely used as "money." But given crypto's current usability, that's not likely to happen. Amanda B. Johnson discusses why the likes of Bitcoin and others are likely currently in a...
  6. Pete - DashCrypto

    It's Q4 2016, So Where Is Bitcoin's Consumer Demand? -- Dash on Nasdaq

    Director of Finance at Dash, Ryan Taylor, expounds on the state of Bitcoin and why it continues to fall short of expectations. Taylor shares why only a crypto with the innovations of Dash stands to offer the “trifecta” required to break into the payments industry. Ryan's article on Nasdaq...
  7. TaoOfSatoshi

    Ethereum's Fork and Bitcoin's Block Size: Different Dramas, Same Cause | Dash: Detailed

    Amanda B. Johnson is back, highlighting the differences between Dash and other coin's experiences with resolving issues: Also on Dash Nation: http://www.dashnation.com/video/ethereums-fork-bitcoins-block-size-different-dramas-cause-dash-detailed/ Enjoy.
  8. TaoOfSatoshi

    Masternode Setup, Buying Shares, And "Interest-Bearing" Accounts Of The Future | Dash: Detailed

    Amanda's latest. Enjoy. Also on Dash Nation: http://www.dashnation.com/education/masternode-setup-buying-shares-interest-bearing-accounts-future-dash-detailed/