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  1. amanda_b_johnson

    PRE-PROPOSAL: New (& Improved?) Look for DASH Detailed

    PROPOSED: 1) To fund a professional studio (Pro-Creative) to design, film, and edit future episodes of DASH Detailed. (See the pilot episode below -- it's a remake of last week's video) 2) To discontinue the weekly nature of the Spotlight series in favor of moving interview content to...
  2. amanda_b_johnson

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #5

    Hello. Here is our 5th investor report. It includes a pre-proposal at the end, but you can stop watching at ~5:35 to just hear the investor report. Video is unlisted, as it's intended for voters/investors rather than our general audience. Thanks!
  3. amanda_b_johnson

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #5 + Pre-Proposal

    Proposal begins at min 5:25 in video. Quick facts: - Bump up to 2 shows, regular DASH: Detailed on Wednesday + new show (Spotlight) on Friday - Spotlight is an interview with a VIP in Dash, be it developer, contractor, business owner, investor, etc. - 3 month proposal - 215 Dash/month total...
  4. Pete - DashCrypto

    12.1 Support Party, Apple-Jaxx Update, & International Girls | DASH: Detailed

    Get all that's new in Dash news: headlines, developments, price movements, network stats, and more. Host Amanda B. Johnson brings you DASH: Detailed. TRANSCRIPT: http://dashdetailed.com/12-1-support-party-apple-jaxx-update-international-girls-dash-detailed
  5. Pete - DashCrypto

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Juggernaut

    Get all that's new in Dash news: headlines, developments, price movements, network stats, and more. Host Amanda B. Johnson brings you DASH: Detailed. We're about two weeks out from the release of 12.1, Dash got a lot of grassroots coverage in the media this week, and also it turned three years...
  6. Pete - DashCrypto

    Why Aren't We Seeing Greater Adoption of Cryptocurrency?

    Ryan Taylor defines two reasons crypto hasn't gone mainstream yet -- and it may not be the reasons you've been told elsewhere. This is the speech delivered by the Director of Finance at Dash at The North American Bitcoin Conference, 2017. Learn more: http://dash.org Original presentation...
  7. amanda_b_johnson

    Something DASHOUS This Way Comes

  8. Pete - DashCrypto

    Want a DASH t-shirt & DASH: Detailed outreach cards? Read on friend...

    We have just a few Dash t-shirts left in stock (five Larges and four Smalls). If you want to claim one, along with 50 DASH: Detailed outreach cards, for a mere $17.50 in DASH, email Amanda B. Johnson at: [email protected] Shipping is included for all domestic addresses. And if you just want 50...
  9. Pete - DashCrypto

    Debrief: Decentralize All the Profits! Tour

    This is admittedly a lengthy post. If you read only the SUMMARY you'll get a good gist of how the Decentralized All the Profits! tour went. If you want more details, read the EVENT-BY-EVENT OVERVIEW as well. SUMMARY Over a three-week period the DASH: Detailed team – Amanda B. Johnson and me...
  10. Pete - DashCrypto

    Have questions for Amanda B. Johnson? Send 'em over for inclusion in a future episode!

    At the end of the last DASH: Detailed episode, Soft/Hard Forks vs. 'Sporks': Evan Duffield Explains How Dash is Different, I outlined my idea for a future episode titled, "Ask A.B.J", that'd feature questions posed to host Amanda B. Johnson about Dash or cryptocurrency. If you have questions...
  11. Pete - DashCrypto

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #4

    Howdy, all. Pete – the behind-the-scenes guy at DASH: Detailed here. In keeping with our drive to be transparent, here is the latest investor report. Summary: We've been in production for four months, publishing 24 episodes. During the fourth month, we have seen a continued increase in the...
  12. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal: 'Decentralize All the Profits!' expense reimbursement

    The team of DASH: Detailed will be hitting 4 cities in November to speak at the following meetups on behalf of Dash: Salt Lake City – SLC Bitcoin Meetup, Nov 10 Minneapolis – University of Minnesota, Nov 16. Austin – Decentralized Tech meetup @ Brave New Books, Nov. 27 Albuquerque – University...
  13. amanda_b_johnson

    POLL -- Should DASH: Detailed have subtitles in different languages, translated by real humans?

    Hi, all. I'd like to determine whether funding should be requested and allocated for real humans to do multilingual translations of DASH: Detailed. Translations would then be posted as subtitles on videos. BACKGROUND: We've been adding Google Translate-automated subtitles for ~25 different...
  14. amanda_b_johnson

    Proposal -- Renew DASH: Detailed for 6 Months

    We the production team of DASH: Detailed – Amanda B. Johnson and Pete Eyre – are seeking a six-month agreement renewal for our weekly video series. To review, in the preceding three months of production we have: - Published one video per week - What Stands Between Digital Currency & 'Mass...
  15. amanda_b_johnson

    Monthly Investor Report -- DASH: Detailed

    Hey, all. Here's the second monthly investor report for DASH: Detailed (DD): Monthly Allocation: 123 Dash SUMMARY We've been in production for two months, publishing nine episodes. During the second month, we have increased YouTube subscribership, added to our list of email subscribers...
  16. amanda_b_johnson

    Monthly Investor Report -- DASH: Detailed

    Hi, all. Here's my first monthly investor report on how 123 Dash from the budget are being spent under my purview: SUMMARY DASH: Detailed (DD) has been in production for one month, publishing four episodes. During this time, subscribership to YouTube.com/DashOrg has increased by more than an...