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  1. TaoOfSatoshi

    Renaming PrivateSend Discussion - In response to the 2020 Q4 Conference Call

    Please consider this a thread to discuss options when it comes to the renaming of PrivateSend. I will reiterate my longstanding position on this. Since PS doesn't adequately represent the action of Dash Mixing, it only serves to confuse newcomers, IMO. This is my solution. The action of mixing...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Got questions about Dash Platform? Post them on Reddit and I will ask them on CATV!

    Cash Alternative TV will be doing a live interview with two Dash Core Group members to discuss Dash Platform and how it will benefit Dash. This live interview with Dana Alibrandi and Ivan Shumkov will take place on Thursday, October 31st, at 4:00PM UTC. Here is the link to the YouTube page so...
  3. cibrigue

    Dash link protocol handler (for Firefox)

    Hey guys, I'm using Dash Core v0.14.0.1 and Firefox 68.0.1 on Windows 10. One of the payment processors I use for my DASH payments is CoinPayments.net. When I'm ready to pay the amount it generates a special link for me in the following format: dash:<address>?amount=<amount> Unfortunately...
  4. mbassan

    Multi-wallet RPC functionality

    I have configured DASH core to run with multiple wallet.dat files: /home/user/dash/bin/dashd --datadir="/home/user/.dash" -wallet=wallet1.dat -wallet=wallet2.dat ... but I cannot figure out how to interface with each wallet. In Bitcoin, LItecoin and other coinsd's there is an RPC endpoint for...
  5. Wilmar Toro

    Dash Core contrata a Bob Carroll como nuevo Director de Tecnología

    Dash Core contrata a Bob Carroll como nuevo Director de Tecnología El equipo de Dash Core anunció la contratación de un nuevo Director de Tecnología – CTO – para completar su impresionante equipo de desarrollo. La contratación de un nuevo Director de Tecnología fue anunciada esta semana por...
  6. Wilmar Toro

    Dash Core se embarca en una agresiva expansión en su contratación para el 2018

    Dash Core se embarca en una agresiva expansión en su contratación para el 2018 Dash Core ha continuado su gran expansión de personal, preparándose para un crecimiento agresivo para este año. Dash Core, la entidad más grande bajo la gran organización autónoma descentralizada de Dash (DAO), es...
  7. T

    Sent dash to address I have no idea what is

    Hey So I managed to send my dash to XpESxaUmonkq8RaLLp46Brx2K39ggQe226 which seems to not be a private dash address. I am a total noob and was drunk af while doing this and tried sending my dash from my Ledger to Dash Core. Any way to find out who this address belongs to or where it leads to? I...
  8. U

    Ошибка загрузки wallet.dat: кошелек требует более новой версии Dash Core

    Ошибка загрузки wallet.dat: кошелек требует более новой версии Dash Core Вчера с фо сайта установил холодный кошелек Dash Core (последняя версия Все синхронизировалось хорошо, запустилось Провел тестовую транзакцию с биржи в размере 1 dash. Все быстро зашло. Вообщем все гуд...
  9. D

    Procedure to sweep a paper wallet into Dash Core

    Hi, I have Dash Core version v0.12.1.3 (on a 64-bit Windows PC) which has never been used (neither to send nor to receive). The question is, how do I sweep one of my Dash paper wallets into the Dash Core wallet? (I've no passphrases for the paper wallets, just the public and private keys.) Or, a...
  10. T

    Dash Core start

    I Building Dash Core ./autogen.sh ./configure make How I can start daemon?
  11. Get

    Dash Core. Вопрос про бэкапирование.

    Коллеги! У меня есть ряд вопросов. Насколько я понимаю, при установке кошелька wallet.dat по умолчанию содержит 1000 ключей. Соответственно, бэкап, сделанный при установке, является действительным, пока эти ключи не израсходованы. Еще мне известно, что при использовании PrivateSend/Mixing...
  12. D

    Retrieving my Coins from a not working wallet

    Hi guys, I have already posted the basic problem here: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/my-wallet-is-not-connecting-to-the-dash-network.13931/ Since nobody was able to help me, I would like to know if there is any way to retrieve Coins I have already sent there. David
  13. DashChat

    Questions from Community Members to DASH Core Team Members

    Hello. We created a new channel on slack, we call it #questions. How does it work? Community members submit question(s) in the #questions slack channel. Every 15 days a slack admin will submit the list of questions here. We know the core team is busy and because of that we do not expect to have...
  14. Carlos Silva

    URGENT TO ME, first time transaction

    Hi. I need a lot of your help. I have the DASH CORE app Wallet installed. I sent 0.00258000 DASH = 0.00256090 DASH with fees to my other wallet on Cryptonator.com a very good wallet for several cryptocurrencies with payments to USD, Euro, ... But this dash not entered in my Cryptonator...
  15. A

    How Do you Recieve Dash coins from a cryptonote Dashcoin wallet f21c4c6??

    can someone help me figure out why i cant send any of my dashcoins from the cryptonote Dashcoin wallet f21c4c6 to the dash core wallet?? the cryptonote wallet only takes addresses like these : DBRi8mJByta5xYQ5yowqoyAwU3WVByBqJVE8yUb3z37XhJC1dR8MDD9SsGw2zoyioQC2P9DP5EN3AJtzmUmNLpNtRCbX7iM The...