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  1. UltimateCrypto

    Proposal Updated: Dash Hub Kumasi, Ghana Business Development and Expansion Plan (Dec to May 2019)

    Dear MNOs And Dash Community! Dash Hub Africa have built a spotless reputation for Dash in Africa and we must retain it in order to keep existing Merchant Confident, Nurture new ones, Increase our Merchant On-boarding, Business usability In-store and Online and not jeopardize Dash speculator...
  2. mastermined

    Dash Core Hiring Several New Members, Ecosystem Set For Significant Expansion

    Dash Core is hiring several new members, adding to a rapidly growing workforce. The development team and the main group under the Dash decentralized autonomous organization, Dash Core is seeking to fill several additional positions. The most urgent of these are a DevOps engineer, Infrastructure...
  3. mastermined

    Dash Hires Six New Full-Time Evolution Developers in 2017 Sprint

    Dash Core has announced the inclusion of six new full-time developers to work on Evolution as Dash continues its 2017 surge. Andy Freer, CTO of the Dash Core team, announced this week that six developers have been hired to work full-time on Evolution, Dash’s highly anticipated release...