dash budget watch

  1. Abdul kudus Mutaru


    INTRODUCTION Hello Community, I am Abdul Kudus Mutaru known on Dash community as zambang. I am a Dash enthusiast and a cryptoprenuer. I am submitting my first proposal to embark on a project dubbed: Introducing Dash to Businesses in Ghana. Myself and my team have held a number of meet ups to...
  2. Mahamadu Salam

    Teachers for Liberty and Economic Freedom Chapter of CLE-Ghana for Dash

    INTRODUCTION I am Mahamadu Salam (cryptolib), a Dash enthusiast and currently running the Dash Roadshow in Ghana. My first event for the Roadshow recorded about 200 participants and i am now in the first month of the roadshow to take Dash across Ghana. See updates of the roadshow here...
  3. mastermined

    Dash Budget Watch Seeks to Polish the Treasury Proposal Process

    Dash Budget Watch seeks to streamline and improve accountability for Dash’s treasury system as governance-related projects rise. As Dash remains solidly past the $1 billion market cap ranking and now claims a monthly budget worth nearly $1.2 million, scrutiny over its treasury process...