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  1. DashPantanal

    Marketing Proposal - Dash Pantanal - (MS, Brazil)

    Hello Dash Community ! This is Yung and Milena, we are from Jardim/MS (Brazil). Although our profile is new here on the forum, we have known and followed Dash since 2016. We live in a region of great tourist relevance in our state, for weeks we have been working on a marketing strategy to...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Catching Up With Dash Brazil (w/ Rodrigo Ambrissi)

    Please join me in talking with Rod Ambrissi, host of Dash Dinheiro Digital YouTube channel which was briefly taken down by YouTube, and owner of the Dash Brazil proposal. We talk about crypto content hosting, the best things about the Dash ecosystem and what he's been up to since we last spoke...
  3. Rod Ambrissi

    EletroPay POS + SIGN Solution

    EletroPay.com This proposal was a 5 months research and Development project among a partnership between Dash Brazil and Kameda Corp, The entire project was financed by both parties and we are seeking a reimbursement. The POS + DASH SIGN project is fully done and operational, this has also...
  4. Mauricio Minello

    Increase visibility of DASH in Brazil through youtube and social networks.

    Hello! What the DASH forum community thinks of expanding knowledge about DASH in Brazil.