dash boost

  1. nebojsa

    Scaling Dash Boost: Reports, Profiles & Dashworking

    Overview As the market moves forward and Dash community growth, smaller proposals will carry more value and their impact will be more noticeable on the market. Furthermore, it is important for us to know which members of our community in developing countries can add the most value to our growth...
  2. rjjerez

    Buy with discounts in Dash, 2 Cities Valencia and Los Teques Venezuela

    Hello everyone, I am Richard Jerez leader of the Dash Community in Los Teques, state Miranda in Venezuela, organic allies of our Community Madre Dash Caracas and Dash Venezuela, altogether with our allied community Dash Valencia, @Edgar Caballero , we organized and agreed to present our best...
  3. José Da Silva

    Dash Maracay: 2060 New Users and 4120 Transactions (DashBoost)

    Hello everyone! The main goal of this thread is to publish the reports of the proposal approved in the last voting cycle at www.dashboost.org Proposal: 2.060 New Users + 4.120 Transactions Our objectives The main objective of this proposal is to foster the usage of Dash in the central...