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  1. mastermined

    The ATM Challenge: How Dash and Bitcoin Measure Up

    A recent video documenting a first experience with a Dash ATM underscores the fundamental experience between the usability of Dash and Bitcoin. Shot at the Texas Bitcoin Conference last week, the video depicts a first experience purchasing Dash with dollars at a Dash ATM which was present at...
  2. generalbytes

    Proposal: GB ATM and POS Infrastructure

    Proposal DASH - GB ATM and POS Infrastructure upgrade A Proposal to enable full Dash support (including InstantSend) on all GENERAL BYTES BATM and Point of Sale (POS) terminals in existence and future ATM and POS machines sold. GENERAL BYTES Company Overview GENERAL BYTES is a Bitcoin and...
  3. Miner237

    Proposal: DASH Kiosks for everyone

    Do you support DASH ATM systems such as proposed by Alt36? Do you like the idea to help make DASH accessible to the under banked and not just the people purchasing marijuana? I have been working on a similar offering and I am ready for operation today without a need to build the device. If we...
  4. C

    Free DASH ATM and Business listings now on dashnearby.com

    Hi all https://www.dashnearby.com now has free ATM and local business listings with map locations. This will help to give exposure to DASH business within your area.
  5. mastermined

    New Hampshire Adds Dash ATM, Leads Way in Dash Businesses

    New Hampshire claims its first Dash ATM, continuing a precedent of being one of the world’s premier crypto hotspots. This week, the first Dash-dispensing ATM popped up in New Hampshire, a small state of about 1.2 million people and 5 Bitcoin ATMs. The machine is a General Bytes ATM located at...