dash adoption

  1. Darvy

    DASH Added To New Crypto Trading App from Co-Founder Of UBER - $25 Worth Of Dash FREE!

    Nice! "So what's the big deal? Why did the team behind Voyager think there's room for another cryptocurrency trading platform? Their promise of no fees, and lower prices on the coins themselves. They're doing it by connecting to several exchanges at once, any time a user makes a purchase...
  2. D

    DynX - New BitShares Decentralised Exchange with a Good oportunity for DASH!

    Hello, Today we have pre launched DynX. The image bellow will describe our project: Why is this relevant for DASH? The 4th base pair of DynX will be decided in a online poll where all everyone is invited to vote for their favorite project. The winner will be listed as a base pair. if...
  3. rjjerez

    Very nice proposal, for Dashboost, discounts of up to $ 3 for each person who pays with Dash

    Hello everyone, I am Richard Jerez leader of the Dash Community in Los Teques, state Miranda in Venezuela, organic allies of our Community Madre Dash Caracas and Dash Venezuela, altogether with our allied community Dash Valencia, we organized and agreed to present our best proposal to achieve...
  4. Joney Castellanos

    We are participating in DashBoost with a very exciting project.

    Hello everyone, we have been working for weeks on a very exciting project for us. Thinking about solutions to common problems is a challenge and we hope that they will support us by commenting and speaking with their opinions, whether they are good or bad, in order to enrich it to the fullest...
  5. D

    Dash Hub Phoenix

    Dash Hub Phoenix aims to create a local Dash based community in the United States’ 8th largest metropolitan area and will be a multi phase program. By partnering with the local businesses and chamber of commerce organizations, we will spread Dash to small businesses and residents throughout the...
  6. Lance Lan

    Pre-Proposal: Promote Dash setup and payment to international, young customer base

    Payments: 2 Payments Payment Adress (DASH): XdhKC2Ync6tSAiz22Rd7jGiCwKtNKR3yaa DATE: 2018-06-20 AMOUNT REQUESTED: 560 (2-month engagement with 280 Dash each month) Hi there, this proposal is the fourth and final version - and it went through quite a few iterations, getting improved with...
  7. T

    The World MMA Awards Show- 40 Million People - Winners Paid in Dash

    Hello Dash Community, I'm so excited to get feedback on this project. Dash has dabbled in the MMA world (Rory, Chael, etc.), but we want to put Dash at the forefront of one of the biggest MMA events in the world! Goals: There are several assets we can utilize, but the goal would be to gain...
  8. Lance Lan

    Pre-Proposal: Magento - Develop, maintain and promote a DASH Integration for Magento Shops

    Payments: 2 Payments Payment Adress (DASH): XdhKC2Ync6tSAiz22Rd7jGiCwKtNKR3yaa Payment Amount: 2x 400 DASH DATE: 2018-05-09 AMOUNT REQUESTED: 400/400 (6-month engagement) This proposal is a second draft that already took its first round of feedback from the DASH Core Team (thank you...
  9. Gaurav_Gupta

    Update: Bringing Dash to South Asian Freelancing: An Accessibility, Research & Education Project.

    LASTEST UPDATE REPOSTED ON TOP Hi There! Greetings from the Dashlancer Team! This project update is crossposted from Dashwatch to ensure continuity on this thread. The first part of the project dealt with Researching the Global Freelancing Industry and understanding different challenges...
  10. A

    Community Dash Promotion

    Dear Community My name is Dominick with AB-CHAIN. We are in token offering stage right now but am very interested in seeing how we can work with DASH! Who is AB-CHAIN: AB-CHAIN is the advertising platform for companies which are going to start their Crowdfunding/ICO or have already raised...
  11. rafique

    Pre-proposal Official DASH Checkout for Magento eCommerce

    This pre-proposal is for the design and development of the official Dash Checkout extension for Magento eCommerce V1 and V2. I am a fulltime Certified Magento developer with over 5 years experience developing extensions and modules for ecommerce merchants using the Magento platform. I would...
  12. Mahamadu Salam

    Teachers for Liberty and Economic Freedom Chapter of CLE-Ghana for Dash

    INTRODUCTION I am Mahamadu Salam (cryptolib), a Dash enthusiast and currently running the Dash Roadshow in Ghana. My first event for the Roadshow recorded about 200 participants and i am now in the first month of the roadshow to take Dash across Ghana. See updates of the roadshow here...
  13. moxx aka joe

    [Pre-Proposal] Dash Lounge in Vienna, Austria

    Dash Lounge in Vienna, Austria Overview Vienna is the capital of Austria and together with its metropolitan area, it has a population of 2.6 million people. If you add the nearby cities Bratislava and Budapest, the capitals of Slovakia and Hungary, the population is higher than Washington...
  14. Coachdigi

    DASHTECAS NFL Meetup by Coachdigi

    Last month (July) Paola (my wife) and I saw the DASH FORCE Meetup & presentation program and we began planning our first DASH Meetup named Dashtecas Meetup in Cancun Mexico. We convinced a foodtruck park named "El DECK" to let us convince the foodtrucks that are in the foodtruck park. 1) We...
  15. L


    Lendo o artigo “COMO A DASH PODE TE AJUDAR A POUPAR DINHEIRO?” que foi traduzido pelo Ezequiel Gomes, fiquei com esta pergunta na cabeça. QUAL É A IDEIA? Em resumo, parar de usar o nosso querido Real em nosso dia a dia e passarmos a usar Dash. Mas com o nosso orçamento apertado não podemos...
  16. rafique

    Will Dash Evloution be Shoppable?

    I have already reached out to both Evan and Andy regarding this question via email. I have also posted in two of the Dash Slack channels #development_lab and #evolution My questions are as follows: 1. Will Dash Evolution be shoppable with an ecommerce layer? 2. How is Dash proposing to onboard...
  17. stellabelle

    New Article In Hackernoon: Nerd Money Isn't Just For Nerds Anymore

    My latest Dash article made it into Hackernoon and is doing quite well as far as exposure. Feel free to share it with friends and family: https://hackernoon.com/nerd-money-isnt-just-for-nerds-anymore-8d559050fcbc
  18. stellabelle

    Dash For Newbies Medium Publication Now Has Dash School

    Part of the goal of our Medium publication is to create an outward-facing site that contains valuable information for newbies to cryptocurrency. I've added a Dash School section to the publication, so feel free to share it with your friends and family...
  19. stellabelle

    Dash For Newbies Video: Adding Dash To Trezor

    Here's the second video in the Dash For Newbies Series:
  20. stellabelle

    New Dash For Newbies Video: Cold Vs. Hot Wallets

    This is the third video in the Dash For Newbies series:
  21. Klossie

    Dash on OPSKINS? Please read @ mods.

    Intro: I don't believe anybody has posted about this yet. OPSKINs is the largest marketplace for converting in game counterstrike virtual items into Fiat. Counterstrike is in the top 5 largest online multiplayer games worldwide; attracting over 10 million monthly active users on the platform of...
  22. stellabelle

    Just Wrote a Dash Newbie Survival Guide, Please Check For Errors

    I wrote a Dash Newbie Survival Guide on Medium today, and if you have a moment, can you read through to make sure it contains no errors? As I am a Dash newbie myself, there could be something I overlooked. Thanks Here's the article...
  23. R

    Help Adoption of Dash - Sponsor Future Tech Podcast

    All, I've recently launched a proposal to interview more Dash-related folks on the Future Tech Podcast. So far, we have Amanda B. Johnson and Perry Woodin of Node 40. Goal is to interview more Dash-related folks and help increase the adoption of Dash. We're currently breaking through 400...