dash accepted

  1. rjjerez

    Very nice proposal, for Dashboost, discounts of up to $ 3 for each person who pays with Dash

    Hello everyone, I am Richard Jerez leader of the Dash Community in Los Teques, state Miranda in Venezuela, organic allies of our Community Madre Dash Caracas and Dash Venezuela, altogether with our allied community Dash Valencia, we organized and agreed to present our best proposal to achieve...
  2. UltimateCrypto

    DASH HUB Kumasi Business Development Plan, Low-Cost Merchant-Centric Strategy, Media Splash

    Hello Dash Community! We dearly submit our pre proposal to the network for accessment and contribution in order to create the best solution for Dash MassIve Usage in Africa. Proposal Summary A proposal that aims to achieve Business Development Plan for self-sustaining team by introducing Dash...
  3. Joney Castellanos

    Las Fundaciones sin fines de lucro reciben Dash y otras Criptomonedas ESP/ENG

    En Maracaibo estamos construyendo la adopción de Dash y las organizaciones sin fines de lucro son nuestro apoyo para la construcción de una nueva sociedad. Ayudemos a ayudar. https://steemit.com/spanish/@bitcoinroute/las-fundaciones-sin-fines-de-lucro-reciben-dash-y-otras-criptomonedas-esp-eng
  4. A

    Community Dash Promotion

    Dear Community My name is Dominick with AB-CHAIN. We are in token offering stage right now but am very interested in seeing how we can work with DASH! Who is AB-CHAIN: AB-CHAIN is the advertising platform for companies which are going to start their Crowdfunding/ICO or have already raised...
  5. Abdul kudus Mutaru


    INTRODUCTION Hello Community, I am Abdul Kudus Mutaru known on Dash community as zambang. I am a Dash enthusiast and a cryptoprenuer. I am submitting my first proposal to embark on a project dubbed: Introducing Dash to Businesses in Ghana. Myself and my team have held a number of meet ups to...
  6. N

    NiceVPS ★ Cheap Anonymous Bitcoin Hosting ✔ Fast & Protected VPS

    We are NiceVPS.net and keeping you online is our business. Offering a wide range of bulletproof VPS plans including FREE DDoS protection and Premium Support. Equipped with powerful enterprise hardware and our own developed control panel called hPanel, we propose you the following plans: Some...