1. david torrealba

    First project that aims to benefit the entire cryptomarket

    I don't have 5 Dashes to make a Proposal and I was recommended to make a pre-proposal. I really don't know what the steps are to get the funding for the 5 dash. If someone can explain them to me. A few days ago I presented my project to the Dif, but I couldn't get investment because my project...
  2. Yoana Castillo

    Dash Empoderados empresarios

    The commercial objectives with the merchants that we included in the zone of the east coast of the Zulia state lake in Venezuela, which includes several municipalities, have been satisfactory to continue generating interest in the Dash Cryptocurrency. Interactions with merchants, businessmen and...
  3. hardfork-series

    HardFork Series Masterthread

    https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DASHToSponsor-PremiereBlockchainSeries HardFork Series: Where DASH Meets the Screen (*See Proposal Updates Below in red) HardFork is a crypto-noir thriller set in a near future world where decentralized factions work to overthrow their society's centralize regime...
  4. N

    WTS WTS 20 D3 asics

    Sell newly arrived D3 miners See attachment Send your offers to [email protected] all the best
  5. R

    D3 expected ROI for 2018. Still worth it?

    For anyone interested, I have 3 D3's waiting to be paid. Do you think its worth the investment or is it better to put my money somewhere else? My goal is to have a ROI in less than 4 months but with the expected difficulty increase I see it as a far possibility. (I have watch the coinwarz and...