dash 2018

  1. D

    Flash, Flash, a Hundred-Yard Dash: Darkcoin's Rapid Makeover Revisited

    From Darkcoin to Dash, here we briefly examine the history of quarterly prices and market cap values of one of today’s most desirable altcoins Dash, short for Digital Cash, is undoubtedly one of today’s most sought-after cryptocurrencies. Having been founded in January 2014 by Evan Duffield...
  2. Mauricio Minello


    What is the best DASH application in your opinion?
  3. LukeWeAreChange

    Pre-Proposal: We Are Change!

    NEW PROPOSAL 3/16/2018 We Are Change Established in 2006, We Are Change is more than just a news outlet with a half a million YouTube subscribers and even more followers on Facebook. We provide a home for activists to meet, grow, and take action and benefit communities around the world. We...
  4. C

    Dash MNs know what they need, why not ask for it? Instead of waiting for the right proposal

    The current proposal system works in a push fashion. Proposals come in and in turn MNs accept or reject them. Most of them are advertising focused or taken up by the Dash Core team. Now why not create proposals requests and then have organisations bid for them? Who creates these proposals...
  5. A

    How to Store Dash: Review of Best Dash Wallets

    What Is Dash Coin? Dash is digital cash. Judging by the number of “What is Dash?” searches on various search engines, Dash is the cryptocurrency to get hooked onto. But before you start acquiring Dash, you have to figure out how to store Dash and the factors you need to consider to select the...