1. TaoOfSatoshi

    A few controversial points about the Darkcoin/Dash "instamine"

    A few controversial points about the Darkcoin/Dash "instamine": https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/dgw682/a_few_controversial_points_about_the_darkcoindash/
  2. D

    pool.darkcoin.io pool fee

    Hi there, for my records i need to know the pool fee from the named darkcoin pool back there. i guess there are not recordings from that time? But someone surely knows the exact amount of the pool fees used? So if a earned 10XPM and the pool fee was 5% it would mean that a actually earned...
  3. D

    darkcoin pool fee back there

    Hi there and hello world! (1st posting) not sure where to post it so i put in into off topic. If it belongs somewhere else, an admin may move it? Thanks! I was mining xcoin back there in 2014 using the darkcoin pool. Now i need some information to clean some things up but the pools closed...
  4. D

    3 fold wallet problem

    Hi, I have numerous issues one of which is that I have/had a fair amount of coins in a Darkcoin wallet circa August 2014. Here's my Dashpay related issues! 1. Corrupted Hard drive. 2. Old Darcoin QT ran on a virtual PC 3. Corrupted Wallet.dat In an attempt to be secure I ran the Darkcoin QT...
  5. A

    Old Darkcoin-QT wallet recovery

    Hi all I've been with you since the very beginning, when I wanted to open a masternode but never got round to it. I now have an old Darkcoin-QT wallet that I need to restore in Dash Core, but I'm not sure how to do so. I'm also pretty sure the wallet was encrypted. I've tried transferring it in...
  6. balaraja

    WTS Darksend.com + Litecoin.id + Bitcoinwallet.id >> DOMAIN For SALE

    The BEST DOMAIN name FOR SALE darksend.com + darkcoincash.com + litecoin.id + bitcoinwallet.id + ethereumwallet.id + ethereumclassic.id + bitxapo.com + x24kgold.com Bid starting : 3000 Dash [Negotiable ] 1 BID Price for ALL NO DOUBT | NO FAKE | NO SCAM [Call : +6285234733951 | email ...
  7. T

    Need a little help to recevor my darkcoins

    Hi everybody, Does anyone have the files for the darkcoin wallet for windows and for mac ? That would be very helpfull to me to recover my darkcoin and transform them to Dashcoins ! Thanks a lot !
  8. TaoOfSatoshi

    TAO'S STEEM ON DASH | What's in a name?

    TAO'S STEEM ON DASH | What's in a name? https://steemit.com/cryptp-news/@taoofsatoshi/tao-s-steem-on-dash-or-what-s-in-a-name #DASH #DashNation
  9. S

    Old darkcoin wallet.dat lost coins

    Hello, at the beginning i have to say im so sorry for making a new thread for this old problem, but i couldnt find any solution in this forum and by googling i have an encrypted wallet.dat backup from darkcoin and had more than 120 darkcoin in it now after update the qt, there is no coin no...
  10. specter

    CANCELADO [RIFA]Livro:"A Revolução das Moedas Digitais: Bitcoins e Altcoins

    REGRAS 1º Sera sorteado o livro "A Revolução das Moedas Digitais: Bitcoins e Altcoins". 2º Para participar, e necessário depositar 0.5 Dash para o endereço informado. 3º A quantidade máxima de números e 30 numeros. 4º A cada 0.5 Dash que o participante depositar, o mesmo poderá escolher 2...
  11. N

    DarkCoin-QT No block source available

    I purchased Dark coin some time ago. Now, when I open the DarkCoin-QT it shows message "No block source available" at the bottom left, near the progress bar. How to get access to my Dark coin again, please?