1. L

    Dash Mainnet Address for DAPI Endpoints

    Hello, for the testnet there are several URLs with DAPI endpoints (seed-1.testnet.networks.dash.org, seed-2.testnet.networks.dash.org, ...) , but I could not find any for the mainnet. Could someone help me here? With kind regards
  2. Mark Mason

    What is Dash's Decentralized API? (DAPI) | Dash Platform #3

    What is Dash's Decentralized API? (DAPI) | Dash Platform #3 Please subscribe and click the notification bell for future updates and to receive a notification when new episodes are published. The remaining videos in this series will be uploaded to the channel on a weekly basis. Thank you...
  3. jschmucke

    Developer Dash Evolution

    Hello, all I am writing in the forum to request support for the development of new technologies in dash evolution, we want to make a registration for startup and companies directly in the DAPI and to be able to do a voting system using the DASH governance, creating intelligent contracts type...
  4. warriors

    Which way to choose for 3rd party application integration (DAPI or bitcore-node-dash)?

    I'm engaged in integration project which in technical aspect is aimed to migrate certain parts of the business logic of sports betting platform on Dash blockchain. At the feasibility study stage, where we're now, we have to explore and choose proper components to utilize. The most compact...
  5. DashDude

    Browser Payment API - Compatible with Dash DAPI?

    This article discusses the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is working on a payment API for browsers that supports crypto among other payment types. Does anyone know if the Dash DAPI is compatible with this work? Does Dash have anyone on the committee that's working this?
  6. dmitriybtc

    What is round-robin DNS in Dash Evolution and how it's going to work?

    Hey guys. I have quite technical question that is very interesting for me to get an answer to. In general I understand how DAPI will work but I'm not sure how exactly the part with round-robin DNS works. I found in the whitepaper of Dash Evolution that there will be used some kind of open...
  7. TaoOfSatoshi

    TAO'S STEEM ON DASH | A Sophisticated Interface To A Powerful Decentralized Network

    TAO'S STEEM ON DASH | A Sophisticated Interface To A Powerful Decentralized Network https://steemit.com/crypto-news/@taoofsatoshi/tao-s-steem-on-dash-or-a-sophisticated-interface-to-a-powerful-decentralized-network