d3 miner

  1. coydsltd

    WTS Bitmain Antminer S9, L3+ D3 and PSU in stock - $1550

    We Have ORIGINAL Bitmain Antminer Available in stock (WHOLESALE AND RETAILS) PRICE Antminer S5 Antminer S7 Antminer S9 Avalon 6 Antminer D3 Antminer L3 For quick response please contact us through any of the means below :: and also on how to place order and know more about the price , shipping...
  2. B

    WTS Antminers S9, D3, L3+ and more, EU reseller

    BITTEC is a European based company selling miners and mining equipment worldwide, as well as providing mining equipment warranty service throughout Europe. Antminer S9 - over 50 pcs. - €1290; Antminer D3 - 33 pcs. - €1490; Antminer L3+ - over 100 pcs - €1490; 1 year Bitmain warranty for all...
  3. G


    Hello folks! BITMAIN what did it is CRIME! So we must find solution for them, or they should find solution until we find! 1st is if they change firmware and it helps would be great!, 2nd if not, we must create a big group from all over the world who bought D3 and Appeal to the court! 3rd MAYBE...
  4. C

    WTS 150 x D3 and 200 x L3 for sale in batches!

    PM me for more details, photos etc. D3s 19.3 GH/s 1200W are brand new and packed. Come with PSUs. Batch L3+ are 4-6 weeks old. Installed and running in a data center in Iceland. Also with PSUs. Contract with the data center to be taken over. Cost ca 62 EUR per 1 kW per month, remote access...
  5. DashQ8

    Internet bandwith usage

    Hi! New to the forum and back on mining after a few years dedicated to other ventures My question is, how much internet bandwith do I need for mining dash? Using the D3 in a pool. It's a 5 Mbps plan enough for 50 machines? I looked for any tip about this during hours on this forum with no...
  6. S

    WTS D3 4Sale...$4000

    In stock ready to ship world-wide. Based in Shanghai China. If you are in China...will accept RMB payment via bank transfer or cash (local pickup). Message me here for my wechat. If you are not in China, please contact me at [email protected] and I will get in touch with you ASAP. The price is...
  7. A

    WTS Bitmain Antminer D3 with PSU APW3++ NOVEMBER BATCH

    Antminer D3 - November Batch 1 unpaid account with 3 orders: 1 order: 5 x D3 2nd order: 1 x D3 3rd order: 2 x D3 + 2 x PSU It will be Shipped from 21-30 November directly from Bitmain Factory in Original Packaging. Due to the nature of cryptocurrency there will be no returns. If there are...
  8. K

    WTS Antminer D3 unpaid account available NOV 21-30

    Hello .. I have Number 6 Unit of D3 Unpaid account for Nov. please mail us for more details [email protected]
  9. tsunderella

    WTS Antminer d3 november batch

    Hey i just started to get into mining i ordered two, but i can only run one because my electric is pretty high if anyone is interested maybe like 0.5 btc for it or something i don't really have alot of places of contact but you can add me on steam or discord :p oh btw i'm up for offers and...