1. JZA

    DASH Wallet and OpenAlias addresses

    Would be nice if DASH Wallet adopts an OpenAlias or Namecoins .bit feature to identify users by a quick name. IMO OpenAlias is easier and cheaper, just add a TXT record to your domain where it list your address: oa1:xmr recipient_address=XmZ3aBBWJdYa6hUJkWbTvwHMwMscmHQFNH; recipient_name=jza...
  2. JZA

    Proposal: DASH Academy site

    I want to propose a courseware site for DASH, in a similar vein to what this website is. Basically a MOOC type website that align the information in the form of a course. Also provides some kind of structure to the inforamtion as well as quizes, and interactivity to the information. Why is it...
  3. B

    [ANN] [BRXT] Brexitcoin | scrypt | MINEABLE | BREXIT COIN

    BREXIT COIN [BRXT] - INDEPENDENCE DAY !! Website : Facebook : Twitter: New Pool: New Faucet: Algorithm Scrypt Type PoW/PoS Coin...