1. Vakaxacompany

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

    If you are an individual or company looking to make own cryptocurrency exchange, Vakaxa can assist you with that. With our talented and experienced team, we promise to bring you the professional and safe cryptocurrency exchange system. 1. Vakaxa – Who we are? Vakaxa is a reliable and safe...

    Yeeehaaa! DASH block is finally on my website!

    Hello there! Somebody just made an order for DASH block on my website and it will be paid in DASH currency. How awesome is that! My website is
  3. cryptoexchange4u

    WTB Crypto Currency Exchange Software

    Start your Own Crypto Currency Exchange Platform by deploying our robust CryptoEx Software. Exchangers are the great way to start your bitcoin start-ups.
  4. thedesertlynx

    Are Today’s Cryptocurrency “Experts” Ready to Become Tomorrow’s Consultants?

    Are Today’s Cryptocurrency “Experts” Ready to Become Tomorrow’s Consultants? Cryptocurrency is often described as a solution in search of a problem. How many self-proclaimed experts have an understanding of the problem, who it applies to, and how to connect it with the solution? How many...
  5. R

    The World’s First AI-Powered Cryptocurrency Rate Predictions

    Hello there! This post will be about one startup for any who use cryptocurrency for trading or just for buying goods online. The purpose of this article is not advertising, we don't make you buy it. Ok, lets go! Simplify Coin Investments with Reliable AI Market Analysis What is We...
  6. partyush

    The EOS Mainnet Launch: Shall we deem it a success? Not yet.

    EOS coin is making big breakthroughs as the crypto acquires the 5th position in top listed cryptos of present times. Owing to the trends observed in market deviations in its pricing, it is nonetheless aiming high. Cryptocurrency market has also witnessed an increase of $10 billion amongst...
  7. Ethan Lian

    Firms Accepting Dash Coin as Mean of Payment

    Many of the companies are accepting cryptocurrencies as a legitimate source of payment. In addition, people all around the world have also started to rely on Blockchain technology and started accepting the cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. After big companies like Dell and Microsoft has...
  8. Coalchain

    $1,000,000 Bounty & AirDrop COALICHAIN.IO

    Bounty & Airdrop program – Coalichain MIN $1,000,000 IN TOKENS! Let the show begin! The Bounty Campaign begins 12th April 2018!!! Take action and change the world for the better - with Coalichain. The Bounty Campaign will run to the end of the ICO. Register NOW...

    DASH on my website.

    Hello Dash community. Advertise your project on One ad-block costs $9 and it will be live until November 2021 minimum. At the moment I receive 200 visitors to my website everyday. I advertise my website on cryptocurrency social media channels of all sort. My...
  10. Timumba

    Futurocoin - на технологии DASH 2.0

    FuturoCoin представляет собой монету, в основе которой лежит код DASH. Ключевыми преимуществами FuturoCoin, выпущенной в количестве 100 млн. монет, являются стоимость и особенности транзакций, позволяющие экономить при совершении сделок и характеризующиеся: Мгновенным проведением любых операций...
  11. Bithiumcoin

    Receive 1000 BTH. (Telegram Bounty)

    Dear BithiumCoin Community, We are still in need of every member’s help to join some major exchanges. But before we do, the community needs to get stronger. We need population holding BTH Coin. What’s your contribution? Added 50 people to this Telegram Group. A. Investors you that will not...
  12. Luke Miller

    How do we transition from fiat to cryptocurrency?

    Hey everyone, I love the idea of crypto and see it as a clear solution to the what I personally see as the lifeblood of much much of what is wrong with the world- the financial system. I do have 2 questions that I have been going over in my mind and they are: How do we transition from fiat...

    DASH on my website!

    Hello. Advertise the website on It costs only $9 per ad-block and it will stay on my website until November 2021 minimum. I aim to advertise all the players in crypto industry under one roof, with a gorgeous grid based retro landing pad...
  14. I


    Web Whitepaper Twitter Facebook Blog Telegram Reddit
  15. L

    Cryptonex pos mining - my experience

    I'll share with you my recent fav, but remember, you should always think for yourself. Recently I found cnx coin and I invest much in it. why? 1. it has increased more than 7 times in about 3 months and keeps growing 2. I like pos mining and only Cryptonex one seems to be the most safe and...
  16. V

    WTB Credits (CS) got listed on IDEX exchange

    Credits (CS) got listed on IDEX exchange. Now these tokens have more than 30% volume there. Let's see what will happen next and hope for the best!
  17. C

    Crypto Gui Miner - Official Thread And Support

    This is the official thread for support and development of CryptoGuiMiner! Please any suggest, criticize and praise. I see that there are a lot of questions and different answers on forums on the subject of mining cryptocurrencies. So now… which cryptocurrency should you be mining and how? For...
  18. CoinVersus

    CoinVersus Dash Mining Pool(p2pool)

    Hello Everyone! CoinVersus Mining Pool just reached 1TH Power! Thank You for mining with us! Feel free to invite your friends to join our friendly community! Dash Mining Pool Lets mine Dash together Fee: 0.5% DDOS protected Mining Pool Servers Located in EU...
  19. I

    [ANN] [ICO] Jizzcoins Multi-purpose 18+ token JCN

    Original Thread: WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | REDDIT | BOUNTY JIZZCOINS Multi-purpose 18+ token (ERC20) Jizzcoins (JCN) is an ERC20 token created by CTRL Venture to integrate blockchain technology into our 18+...
  20. I

    Cryptoncy.Net - Real-time cryptocurrency prices, Q&A, useful tips and more

    Hi there, Dash community. We are happy to announce the launch of real-time prices monitoring for all cryptocurrencies. You don't need to refresh page - all data is updated automatically. Also you can check 24h and 7 days performance of all coins. Aside from that...
  21. O

    Ormeus Coin appreciated 20% over the past day.

    This coin is trading at 0.00020681 BTC and is listed on Cryptopia, Hitbtc, C-cex, Mercatox and Prescott Regency Exchanges. Ormeus is an Ethereum-based token backed both by token sales and a geographically diverse industrial cryptocurrency mining operation. ORME coin is the gold standard in...
  22. O

    Ormeus Coin is the name of a new cryptocurrency assembled by a team of cryptocurrency experts

    Ormeus Coin brings the “gold-standard” of Bitcoin together with the programmable smart contracts of Ethereum in order to create a coin that has never been seen before in the history of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency that is backed by Bitcoin mining and is designed to outpace the growth of...
  23. A

    Dash Crossed $1500 Today: Experts Think It Has Abundant Potential

    With cryptocurrencies gaining more and more popularity, a plethora of them have sprung up with no dearth of investors. Some of them have gained more than triple digit returns in a very short time frame. A sudden spike in values of anything, be it stocks or cryptocurrencies, raises suspicions...
  24. A

    DASH Crosses $1000, More Gains Likely

    With the cryptocurrency space getting heated up, here comes another development which is bound to bring more enthusiasts to the cryptocurrency fold. Digital currency DASH has crossed the $1000 mark, after starting the year at around $11.00. At present Dash price is trading around $1200, which...
  25. A

    Coinfer - mining diversity for everyone

    Coinfer - is the first company today that offers to become co-owners of mining equipment, in turn, others offer their equipment for rent. The cryptomining market is growing rapidly as well as the capacities of the industrial mining farms. Those investors who have invested money in mining in...
  26. C


  27. hardfork-series

    HardFork DASH Proposal: We Want Your Feedback

    [email protected], one of our actors and crew members, wanted to to introduce herself to you all. Check out this video [email protected] asked us to help her make, and be sure to leave us some comments: We also updated our proposal on Dash Central to give a better idea of ROI. If you have any questions about...
  28. A

    Dash Price Prediction 2018: Dash Hopes to Replace Bitcoin in the Future

    This report contains a complete overview of Dash, including: A subsection on Dash vs. Bitcoin Dash and Bitcoin price history How to buy Dash coins How to choose a Dash coin wallet A Dash price prediction for 2018 Full Info...
  29. hardfork-series

    Introducing HardFork: The First Narrative Blockchain Series

    Hello Dash Community, We are the HardFork series team, the first television series and game focused on the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and we are happy to be here with you all. HardFork is a crypto-noir thriller set in a near future world where decentralized factions work to overthrow...
  30. V


  31. ButterflyFly

    Website like Blockfolio for tracking cryptocurrency investment

    We liked idea behind Blockfolio, only problem is, that it's just an APP. And it can't be accessed from any other device than your telephone. For this reason we decided to develop our own website, that will be accesible from any device and any OS - PC, tablet, phone, Windows, Linux... . Basically...
  32. B

    [ANN] Blockbid: 90% Reduction in Coin Supply

    Blockbid is pleased to announce that it has reduced its maximum coin supply from 30m tokens to 3m tokens. This decision has been made following investor feedback and to ensure investor confidence. This will be done by pausing the smart contract once 3m tokens are sold. As before, our soft cap...
  33. B

    [ANN] Blockbid ICO - More coins, more trades, one exchange

    Bringing Stockmarket Exchange Quality and Convenience to Cryptocurrency Trading CURRENT PROTOCOLS & ISSUES At present, cryptocurrencies are scattered across multiple exchanges, which means that users are often required to sign up to multiple platforms. This causes inconvenience and trust issues...
  34. C

    [ANN][ICO] SmartBillions World’s first multi-billion-dollar blockchain lottery.

    SmartBillions. World’s first multi-billion-dollar blockchain lottery. Lottery | Advantages | ICO | Hackathon | Affiliate | Facebook | Twitter | Slack | Telegram|Github DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER: Whitepaper READ THE SMART CONTRACT: Github SmartBillions is the first fully decentralized and...
  35. Julin GYS

    News about Dash cryptocurrency

    Good time of day, Dear Friends! I am Julin GYS, - Producer of the « World Of Internet Business » channel. In this conversation I’ll show you video news on Dash cryptocurrency, and also provide you with other interesting and useful information on this digital money. Why exactly Dash? Because...
  36. Mahamadu Salam

    Pre-proposal: Dash Roadshow in Ghana, West Africa

    Hi community, i am Mahamadu Abdul-Salam from Ghana west Africa known as cryptolib on Dash slack forum and Telegram. i am submitting my first proposal to embark on a Dash road show in my country Ghana. Ghana is a relatively large country in west Africa with 10 regions and each region to a...
  37. C

    Browny Point

    Browny Point Decentralized work incentive: the idea behind this platform is to switch the paradigm and incintivize people to be more productive and more cooperative at the work place. To give people the opportunity to change and grow through positive reinforcement rather than penalizing and...
  38. mastermined

    Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency As a Whole, Reach New Highs

    Cryptocurrency has reached a new all-time high, bolstered by Bitcoin’s growth to unprecedented levels. The combined valuation of all cryptocurrency has reached $127 billion. This beats the previous record of $124 billion this week, which in turn topped the previous record of $116 billion set in...
  39. moneytech

    MoneyTechnology. On the way to ISO

    MoneyTech is going to launch ICO on June 28, 2017. In the pre-ICO period, we plan to give information on the leading portals devoted to blockchain technologies, videoconferencing with the opportunity to ask questions in real time, as well as presentation of the company development plan and...
  40. Mark Mason

    Is Your Cryptocurrency Handicapped? - Dash Force News

    Is Your Cryptocurrency Handicapped? - Dash Force News Everyone recognizes that Bitcoin – and blockchain technologies in general – have scalability issues. But what if Bitcoin, by its very design, can only address half the problem? Imagine an alternate reality. It’s 1996. Larry Page and...