cryptocurrency exchange

  1. Binaryx

    COVID-19, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world

    The price of Bitcoin rose by 2.11% and rebounded to $9,132 after falling to a level of $ 8,943 on June 27. The Bitcoin exchange rate has partially stabilized due to a decrease in the number of new cases of COVID-19 infection. “We can already cautiously talk about slowing the spread of COVID-19...
  2. J

    Dash added to CtcSwap, peer-to-peer exchange marketplace

    DASH is now available to swap and exchange for over 150 other cryptocurrencies on The platform lets you swap cryptocurrencies at your own exchange rates without any limitations. The escrow system provided guarantees the safety of the process since funds are transferred until both...
  3. Mark Mason

    Pionex Singapore-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Dash

    Pionex Singapore-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Dash Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Pionex has partnered with Dash Next to integrate Dash trading pairs into the platform. Read more -
  4. R

    The Best Crypto Exchanges In India!!

    If India bans crypto, the best option to trade Bitcoins will be through P2P exchanges. As there will not be any involvement from the government.
  5. Vakaxacompany

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

    If you are an individual or company looking to make own cryptocurrency exchange, Vakaxa can assist you with that. With our talented and experienced team, we promise to bring you the professional and safe cryptocurrency exchange system. 1. Vakaxa – Who we are? Vakaxa is a reliable and safe...
  6. Soft-FX

    WTS Turnkey Crypto Exchange by Soft-FX

    Soft-FX is a modern IT company specializing in software development for the financial services industry. We create high-tech software solutions for forex and cryptocurrency brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, dealers, banks, funds and other financial companies. Our product - Soft-FX Crypto...