1. S

    Crypto Atm machines integrated with Dash currency

    Hello, We are the company that manufactures the CRYPTO ATM MACHINES. These machines will be used for daily crypto transactions like in starbucks, McDonalds, Wallmarts etc. We can provide these machines to you with your crypto currency which will increase your market capital and will be a...
  2. Miner237

    Proposal: DASH Kiosks for everyone

    Do you support DASH ATM systems such as proposed by Alt36? Do you like the idea to help make DASH accessible to the under banked and not just the people purchasing marijuana? I have been working on a similar offering and I am ready for operation today without a need to build the device. If we...
  3. Miner237

    DASH KIOSK Pre-Proposal

    Hello all I would like to start up this discussion of creating a treasury backed DASH kiosk network. I wanted to find out what the interest levels would be about the network supporting such a system that is designed to be "not for profit". I know there are some heated opinions about ATM and...