1. T

    An Achilles heel of the Cryptocurrency

    The one who controls private key and seed phase will control the whole Crypto market and even all mankind money in the future. You can soar your wealth by understanding the Crypto knowledge at its core. It is never too late to learn again from the beginning to build your undestructible...
  2. J

    Have you guys heard about Revain?

    I don’t know if it is for everyone, but for me, it is kind of a dream side job. Basically, it’s a review platform, a bit like Yelp or Trustpilot, but with a few different features. The most important thing is that authors get rewarded for EACH review that is posted on the website - starting...
  3. M

    New App For PrivateKey Storage – MyCryptoSafe

    MyCryptoSafe is the best, easiest to use, ads free, private key Safe on the market. It provides Crypto Coin owners a safe and secure way for storage of private keys. The service is unique because of its secure encryption. It also works offline. One of the main priorities of MyCryptoSafe is the...
  4. Ratima

    Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago once again at World Blockchain Summit to spread the word about Dash!

    Dash Next Co-Founder Felix Mago once again on the big stage to spread the word about Dash around the globe. This time at the World Blockchain Summit, alongside CZ, Don Tapscott, Tim Draper and many more taking place on 16th JULY. To apply for a free pass and for more info click here...
  5. Ratima

    Dash Next partnered with Threefold, the world's Largest Peer-to-peer cloud

    The first iniative in this partnership is a easy 5 step guide how to set up a Dash Masternode: Please like, share and stay tuned for more Dash publications on the Threefold Grid and a big integration soon to...
  6. Ratima

    Great new partnership between Dash Thailand & GODZCryptoCommunity to push Dash adoption in Thailand

    Dash Thailand is proud to announce our new partnership with GODZ Crypto Community. Together, we want to educate more Thai people about Dash. You can expect many events, merchant activities and PR campaigns coming up. Stay tuned and follow GODZ crypto community...
  7. A

    Token As A Service - I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK - [BrandTokens]

    Hello, guys! Have you ever heard of BrandTokens? I have recently been told about them alongside their service by a close friend of mine who is used to be experienced in stuff like that. So, basically, I need feedback of them alongside their activity from those who have a solid knowledge...
  8. TaoOfSatoshi

    Worried about Coronavirus? Crypto Is Clean Money!

    The novel coronavirus (also known as SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19) is relentlessly spreading across the globe. Health authorities around the world are recommending to engage in social distancing, wash your hands thoroughly, and only go out to buy essential items. But did you know the legacy banking...
  9. L


    Has anyone heard about Uhive? Its a new social network with its own crypto currency embedded in the network. I need insight or help! Is it legit? Safe?
  10. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Tao & Amanda LIVE! (5PM UTC)

    In 2 hours: Join us in the chat box during the "Tao & Amanda LIVE!" premiere! We'll introduce ourselves & the show, plus talk Mimblewimble's woes & President Maduro's new crypto commercial.
  11. Mark Mason

    Startup Raises $23 Million Targeting Terrorist Cryptocurrency Financing Using Blockchain Analysis

    Startup Raises $23 Million Targeting Terrorist Cryptocurrency Financing Using Blockchain Analysis Elliptic, a blockchain analysis company targeting terrorist cryptocurrency financing that counts Binance, Circle, and banks as clients has now gotten $23 million USD from Japan’s SBI Holdings...
  12. R

    Crypto related news

    Recommend me any crypto related resources you are reading with news and educational material. Many thanks
  13. S

    Trading crypto

    Hi everyone! Which platform do you use to trade cryptocurrencies? Any advises?
  14. Robinst

    Crypto transaction record

    According to Cointelegraph in 2018 a record was reached in the number of transactions on different crypto exchanges. At the same time it's said that 2019 is supposed to be even lower than 2017 was. It's clear as the first half of the year was quite positive for everyone and then a mass panic...
  15. G

    ElectroShop Offering Products To Pay With Bitcoin and others cryptocurrency !

    The Electroshop Store at electroshop .io Take a look around. You Will find a huge selection of Electronic Products including computers, appliances, cell phones, Video Games Gadgets and much more. And you can use your Bitcoin or other Crypto currencies to purchase with. And as a bonus...
  16. U

    Who has already tried mining on

    Looking for a reliable pool for Ethereum mining? Consider - a relatively new but profitable service - it has already paid $455,642 to miners in the last few months. The pool fee is only 1% and the ucle rate is low. The pool pays money every 2 hours, you can rent physical...
  17. cryptoexchange4u

    WTB Crypto Currency Exchange Software

    Start your Own Crypto Currency Exchange Platform by deploying our robust CryptoEx Software. Exchangers are the great way to start your bitcoin start-ups.
  18. J

    Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today?

    There are over 1500 cryptocurrencies in the market which makes the investment in the cryptocurrencies even more confusing. Does anybody know which cryptocurrency to invest in for a higher return?
  19. R

    The World’s First AI-Powered Cryptocurrency Rate Predictions

    Hello there! This post will be about one startup for any who use cryptocurrency for trading or just for buying goods online. The purpose of this article is not advertising, we don't make you buy it. Ok, lets go! Simplify Coin Investments with Reliable AI Market Analysis What is We...
  20. S

    Bermuda rolls out the red carpet for crypto after the banks refuse to play ball.

    "Bermuda continues its push to become a global hub for blockchain and fintech innovation, having recently announced plans to change its banking laws to create a class of banks catering to blockchain and fintech companies, according to Finextra. The amendment to the country’s Banking Act follows...
  21. D


    PCEX is a digital currency exchange platform by Panaesha Capital which will have both cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency to fiat money trading. PCEX offers high liquidity and superior trade matching. The exchange will execute trades fast, and for a minimal transaction fee. For...
  22. J

    “Julian Auto Bot Program gets you the Best of Both Worlds - Trading and Crypto Mining!”

    The best place to park your money to profit from Cryptocurrency The Julian Auto Bot Program is a Game Changer which will act as a lever to amplify your Miniscule Efforts for Bigger Gain. Julian Auto Bot Platform is powered by Julian Coin. Julian...
  23. C

    [NEWS] Did You know There Are More Than 4,500 Cryptocurrencies Already?

    Did You know There Are More Than 4,500 Cryptocurrencies Already? Just a little over 9 years ago, the first Bitcoin was mined. The world was busy with one of the most gruesome economic meltdowns in history, so it took us years to discover the invention that turned into the frenzy of the century...
  24. O


    WHO IS ORS? The ORS Group is a software company of more than 100 IT developers and scientists. It boasts over 20 years of experience in delivering sophisticated A.I.-based optimization software solutions to a large international client base. Their new product, the Hypersmart Contracts provide...
  25. C


    BASIC PROJECT INFORMATION - CoinJanitor is a community-driven project that aims to unlock value trapped in failed coins. - With more than 4,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation, and only about 1,500 available on major exchanges, there are thousands of coins that are holding value up in a way...
  26. D

    Cryptocurrencies illegal?

    Hey guys, I got into crypto because I came across one of the exchanges and decided to try. I used lots of them over time and now got into coindeal, because it seems to be a quality one. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you heard about new issue that could make cryptocurrencies illegal because of the...

    DASH on my website!

    Hello. Advertise the website on It costs only $9 per ad-block and it will stay on my website until November 2021 minimum. I aim to advertise all the players in crypto industry under one roof, with a gorgeous grid based retro landing pad...
  28. W

    Google Will Ban ICO and Crypto Advertisements

    Hello Guys, Did you hear these news? Google will ban any cryptocurrency, ICO, cryptoexchange and cryptocurrency market ads. The new advertising policy conditions come into force from June 2018, Bloomberg reports. “We do not have a crystal ball to know what the future expects the market to cry...
  29. CryptoAnnie

    NEO for investment?

    I am curious about NEO lately, what are your thoughts on investing in it?
  30. J

    The blossom of Blockchain applications in financial services

    Blockchain and its applications to cryptocurrency are considered as the dominant technologies of the year 2017. With the ability to deliver transparent data in real time, save storage space, ensure high security and identity, Blockchan can improve the tangible productivity and the effective...
  31. O

    Ormeus Coin appreciated 20% over the past day.

    This coin is trading at 0.00020681 BTC and is listed on Cryptopia, Hitbtc, C-cex, Mercatox and Prescott Regency Exchanges. Ormeus is an Ethereum-based token backed both by token sales and a geographically diverse industrial cryptocurrency mining operation. ORME coin is the gold standard in...
  32. A

    [ANN][ICO][ZEUS] ⚡️ ZEUS - First EcoMining ⚡️

    ZEUS EcoCryptoMining - first building waste processing plant project which also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world. PROBLEM Every person living on the planet "produces" about 300 kg or 1.5 m3 of waste per year. In the EU countries, about 2...
  33. A

    [ANN][ICO][ENJL] Crypto and fiat money in one wallet!

    Enjoy Life is a team of professionals who teamed up in 2014 to create a multicurrency financial platform, which consists of 5 main elements: 1. Multicurrency wallet 2. Payment system 3. Trading platform 4. Marketplace 5. Discount program Our mission is to create a...