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  1. - Cryptocurrency Exchange of 300+ Coins - No Sign-Up

    Hi! is instant crypto to crypto exchange platform. We provide user-friendly service to make fast and secure swaps of more than 300 cryptocurrencies & already listed DASH coin. StealthEX has no upper limits. No registration or personal data is required for using our platform. The...
  2. Ahmet Sutbas

    NitroEx: Crypto Exchange For the People of Future

    Introducing an improved and better version of NitroEx Global. We are thrilled to furnish our traders with the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency trading platform. With a comprehensive range of crypto offerings, we are opening the gates of acquisition of a bigger, stronger digital era. Watch...
  3. Ahmet Sutbas

    Bitcoin 101: Rediscover BTC Transactions

    Every living being on this planet would have probably heard of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It emerged in 2008, just after Occupy Wall Street laid charges against the big banks for mishandling the borrower’s money, charging staggering fees, duping customers, and manipulating the system. With...
  4. Ahmet Sutbas

    Upcoming Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

    We are excited to launch Nitro Exchange on June 27th, 2020- our highly secure and fast cryptocurrency trading platform. With live statistics and useful market insights for smart investment & earnings, we offer a myriad of digital assets for crypto traders.
  5. R

    The Best Crypto Exchanges In India!!

    If India bans crypto, the best option to trade Bitcoins will be through P2P exchanges. As there will not be any involvement from the government.
  6. dianadsouza

    How to Secure your Crypto Exchange account with 2FA Keys

    Two-factor authentication has been gaining much traction since its noticeable success in securing accounts on digital apps and platforms. However, recent security breaches on large cryptocurrency exchanges, like the Binance hack, has made platform users slightly wary about retaining their...
  7. Soft-FX

    WTS Turnkey Crypto Exchange by Soft-FX

    Soft-FX is a modern IT company specializing in software development for the financial services industry. We create high-tech software solutions for forex and cryptocurrency brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, dealers, banks, funds and other financial companies. Our product - Soft-FX Crypto...