1. Ahmet Sutbas

    Upcoming Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

    We are excited to launch Nitro Exchange on June 27th, 2020- our highly secure and fast cryptocurrency trading platform. With live statistics and useful market insights for smart investment & earnings, we offer a myriad of digital assets for crypto traders.
  2. C

    Looking for talented traders for our company

    O1ex is a trading advisory arm of global crypto asset management group having business across portfolio management, mining, crypto advisory and ICO investments. We closely work with our clients and build winning strategies to leverage trading opportunities in the highly volatile crypto asset...
  3. BestChange

    BestChange monitoring helps you save time and money

    Greetings to you all, dear forum users! So, you are interested in e-currency trading, is that so? Well, your interest is very understandable indeed. This form of investment opportunity has really taken off lately. More and more shrewd operators are flocking to the market sector. They are...
  4. G

    New Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch!! Bullex

    In the spirit of dash and crypto block chain discussion, we would like to notify you that a brand new European Based exchange @Bullex is launching soon! You can test our our beta and keep your eyes peeled for when we launch. #Bullex #DCORP #CryptoExchange
  5. Michelson Michel

    Support Dash Haiti by a One Vote

    Today we are very happy with a community that thinks about the Technology Blockchain in Haiti, especially the Cryptocurrency Dash, and I am extremely motivated for the development of Dash Haiti, and this project is amazing for the country and I beg you on your part to vote our project for the...