1. SiliconDroid

    Mini Crowd Fund: Dash brand placement in popular mobile VR game

    Hi All, Introduction I'm writing a high quality VR game for Daydream, GearVR and Cardboard platforms. I have already created one high quality game for Cardboard platform "GalaxyVR" with 380k free installs and 6k paid installs. My latest work in progress "MechZ" is hopefully to be released in...
  2. JasonHan

    WTS Baikal Quad, Cube crowdfunding...?

    Hey guys, So, I've been talking to Baikal lately about the Quads and here's an update: 1. Priority is bulk orders not individuals. 2. Possibility to give discounts in bulk orders. So, they're saying that they have stopped taking orders through their main website due to shortage in the...