1. T

    sending DASH with v0.12.2.1 failed & upgrade to v0.14.0.1 as well

    Hello, I sent some DASH to an Exodus wallet of a friend from my Dash Core v0.12.2.1 wallet on 21st June. Unfortunately the DASH didn't reach him until today (23rd June). I searched the forum and found the hint to upgrade to DASH v0.14.0.1. I installed it but it fails to start with hint in...
  2. Argon31

    Letter to Proposal Owners: Try Smartcash, Pivx, Tron. Less money but fairer process.

    Dear Proposal owners, It should be clear to you by now that masternodes here vote for a political agendas more than network improvement. There is a heavy concentration of votes in north america and for them, the world comprises of US, Canada and thats about it. They think all media is american...
  3. D

    3 fold wallet problem

    Hi, I have numerous issues one of which is that I have/had a fair amount of coins in a Darkcoin wallet circa August 2014. Here's my Dashpay related issues! 1. Corrupted Hard drive. 2. Old Darcoin QT ran on a virtual PC 3. Corrupted Wallet.dat In an attempt to be secure I ran the Darkcoin QT...