1. dkoedijk

    Dash Platform Name Poll

    Hey everyone, The Dash Platform Name Poll is now open for voting ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Go to, read the instructions and please rate as many of the submitted name suggestions as you can. Thank you
  2. dkoedijk

    Dash Platform Name Contest

    Dear Dash Community, The release of Dash Platform is getting closer and it’s time for a community-oriented Dash caring name contest. Go to , read the guidelines and if you have a great idea for a suitable name, I would love to hear from you (see the on the page...
  3. mastermined

    Dash Force MVP Contest Winners for August – September 2017

    The winners of the August – September Dash Force Most Valuable Players Contest are…
  4. DashDude

    Pre-proposal: DASH PrivateSend De-Anonymization Contest

    Problem Statement: Dash has a robust, protocol level coin mixing service called PrivateSend, but it is frequently dismissed as inadequate by those favoring other coins such as Monero, Zcash and others. Proposal Description and Goal: The purpose of this program is to create a Contest and Public...
  5. mastermined

    Dash Force June-July MVP Contest Winners

    The winners of the June-July Dash Force Most Valuable Players Contest are… @TanteStefana @bituzer @AgnewPickens @Dashriprok @subspaced
  6. mastermined

    Dash Force June-July Meetup Contest Winners

    Main Meetup Winner: Wikiwako from Monterrey, Mexico wins 2.2 Dash! Blockchain Meetup Saturday July 1, 2017 “There were 41 present at the meet up including me and a few helping hands (helpers were students also interested in Dash + the wife). I was surprised at the enthusiasm of the people...
  7. mastermined

    Dash Force May-June MVP Contest Winners

    The winners of the May-June Dash Force MVP Contest are… Scott Farnsworth K~Ehleyr Toknormal @SharkOne Kien Bui Read more:
  8. stellabelle

    Congratulations to Winners of Art Contest: Ruth, @thedashbunny, @comicbew, @Anadeleon, @CyberGlob

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF THE DASH ART CONTEST! I’m happy to announce the winners of the #DashForNewbies art contest! I think it’s the very first art contest sponsored by Thanks to Amanda B. Johnson who also helped pick out the winning art submissions. The amount and quality...
  9. stellabelle

    UPDATES: I'm Doubling The Dash Given Away For Dash Art Contest: 85+ Submissions So Far!

    So yesterday, I posted about the Dash Art Contest on Steemit, to generate more money to give away to the Honorable Mention category. So far I've raised about an extra $50 from Steemit. It takes 7 days for the amount to accrue, and downvotes could occur, but I'll just donate that $50 anyway...
  10. stellabelle

    Dash Art Contest Update: You Have 5 More Days!

    You have 5 days to submit your Dash art for the contest so what are you waiting for? Here's a good one that was just submitted: Check out some of the latest submissions, some of which will blow you away...
  11. mastermined


    The winner of the April-May Dash Force Meetup Contest is…. GDASHMoney from the S.F. Northbay California Meetup Read more:
  12. stellabelle

    Thank you to all who have donated so far!

    GrandMaster suggested that I give out a Dash address so that masternode owners and others in the Dash community could donate extra money to the winners of the Art Contest. Thanks to the people who have donated so far. I really appreciate it. So far .35 Dash has been donated so I'll create an...
  13. stellabelle

    Amazing Response So Far W/ Art Contest! Check Out New Entries

    I'm quite happy to report that the amount of submissions are over 24 so far, in just a few days of the Dash Art Contest. Here are some of the entries so far: Anyway, I gave the Contest design a facelift and am finally happy with the design. If you haven't shared this art contest with your...
  14. stellabelle

    Dash Art Contest Now in Japanese!

    If you speak Japanese, here's the Dash Art Contest in Japanese:
  15. stellabelle

    New Article: What's The Backstory on The Word, HODL?

    New Dash For Newbies article explains the genesis of the word, HODL. Check it out: In other news, I'm about to launch a massive Facebook ad campaign for the Dash Art Contest: If you haven't done so already...
  16. stellabelle

    Win A Bacon Wallet Filled With Digital Cash In A DASH Art Contest!

    Dash For Newbies is hosting a Dash Art Contest! In addition to Dash cash prizes, there are some fun ones like the Bacon Wallet that are being given out to top art submissions. I really need your help in spreading this contest around social media. I'll be doing some paid advertising, but just...
  17. mastermined

    Dash Force Meetup and Presentation Contest Update

    Dash Force Meetup and Presentation Contest Update Dash Force would like to announce that we have recently started budgeting for weekly Meetups and Presentations. At this time we will be offering up to 10 total Dash for high quality weekly meetups and presentations. This contest is International...
  18. mastermined


    DASH FORCE NEWS VIDEO CONTEST To celebrate the launch of the website we are running a special Dash Force News video competition. The competition is to create and upload a 3-5 minute video on YouTube explaining why you believe DASH is the best cryptocurrency. The Dash Force News team will be...
  19. Jamalulkhair Khairedin

    Pre-proposal: Pantas Sifir Math App Contest as DASH awareness program.

    Objective The goal is to get the users in Malaysia to install DASH wallet for the first time. We try to get as many users as possible to have wallet installed with the intention of triggering awareness about the existence of DASH and possibly a continuation of program through community building...