1. wizlee

    Best Way To Convert DASH into Malaysia Ringgit

    Hi Everyone, Wondering if there's any veteran Malaysian here in the Dash Community? Found some decent DASH to fiat conversion method for Singapore, Thailand, Philippine and Vietnam. However for DASH to MYR, the closest I found is Uphold, which didn't support MYR yet. There's old forum thread...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Got a Talent for Writing and a Passion for Dash? Let's Talk.

    As Dash grows, having a decentralized ecosystem with many different points of communication singing the virtues of Dash can only be a good thing. To that end, Dash Nation has made it its mission to fully showcase the home-grown talent that we have here in the Dash community. In the first Dash...
  3. TaoOfSatoshi

    Making Dash Nation on Discord Great Again

    Big changes are about to happen on Dash Nation on Discord. Dash-making opportunities if you're personable, engaging and passionate about digital currency. Find out how to make some money just for being social and join the conversation on Dash Nation on Discord...
  4. Floyx


  5. Red Productiva

    Crowfunding Work Continuity, RedProductiva Dash- Merida Venezuela

    REDPRODUCTIVA continuing with its work and fulfilling the requirements of some MNO of the Community, I presently present the need to request Crowfunding to be completing the work done by the community in the City of Merida- Venezuela. DashNews...
  6. mineria virtual


    PRE-PROPOSAL: DASH TRADING CLUBS COMPETENCE We are Mineria Virtual. We are a well-known for our cryptocurrency trading and mining courses, in Venezuela, that allow any person to get familiarized with cryptocurrencies and with the benefits of the crypto market. We seek to provide every person...
  7. Kiwarian


    Hi, my name is Edmund Ivor Jones and I am a South African citizen. I am a Boer/Englishman and I love my people. I made a Youtube video as a service to my people with no financial support. I just did what I could with what was available to me. Here is a video I made in September. I posted...
  8. JZA

    DASH Global Meetups

    As I have mention throughout my updates from my previous proposal additionally to the multi-news site for DASH and DASH team of writers. We are also launching a new initiative called DASH Global Meetups where we will be funding meetups around the world. We already launched a pilot program of...
  9. TaoOfSatoshi

    Proposal: Dash Nation Slack Upgrade

    Hi everyone, I'm Tao Of Satoshi. You may know me from Cash Alternative TV, my Twitter account Cash Alternative, or around the forums and Reddit. I also own and manage Dash's premier online source for communication and collaboration, Dash Nation Slack. It is Dash Nation Slack that brings me...
  10. algodon.franelas

    DASH Caracas

    Hola a todos :) Les invito a visitar los canales de comunicación de DASH Caracas, recién estrenados y preparándonos para nuestros primeros encuentros y conferencias. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram...
  11. stellabelle

    PEOPLE OF DASH: Candice (@subspaced) Community Liaison

    Meet a very enthusiastic Dash Community Liaison, Candice:
  12. stellabelle

    Dash For Newbies Subscriber Goal Already Reached: 150

    Today I was checking the stats of the Dash For Newbies Medium publication and discovered that I've already tripled the number of subscribers since creating my last proposal. This is good news, and it means people from the mainstream are hungry for this kind of information. I think it was Sunday...
  13. mastermined


    DASH FORCE NEWS VIDEO CONTEST To celebrate the launch of the website we are running a special Dash Force News video competition. The competition is to create and upload a 3-5 minute video on YouTube explaining why you believe DASH is the best cryptocurrency. The Dash Force News team will be...
  14. JZA

    Guía para crear propuestas en DASH

    Esta es una guía para las personas interesadas en participar en la comunidad de DASH, ya que hay muchos que aun no saben de lo que acontece en el corazón de la comunidad de DASH. DASH tiene una comunidad muy activa que participan en la tesoreria, esta es una especie de DASH que mes con mes se...
  15. JZA

    Entrevista a Edward de la comunidad de DASH

    Visiten nuestro episodio de Hablando de Blockchain y Criptos donde entrevistamos a Edward de la comunidad de DASH.
  16. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | The Three Pillars Of Dash: What Makes A Digital Currency Successful?

    The Three Pillars Of Dash: What Makes A Digital Currency Successful? #DashNation #CashAlternative
  17. JZA

    Solo un recordatorio, el grupo de Telegram

    Saludos, para recordar al grupo del foro, que existe un canal en telegram dedicado a DASH en Español. Pueden accederlo en este link.
  18. JZA

    DASH Local Community kickstarter site

    I publish this on the Spanish forum here. There are companies that catter to the community by making it easy to create local communities of their technologies. The local groups websites have an informative guidelines as to how to build them and hold a directory of these groups, also some maps...
  19. JZA

    DASH LoCos

    Saludos, en ocaciones anteriores he hablado sobre los grupos locales de DASH, un ejemplo interesante para esto es la iniciativa de Ubuntu LoCos, o grupos locales de Ubuntu. El poder tener algo similar en DASH LoCos o comunidades locales Dash. Les comparto el HowTo para poderlo convertir en...
  20. JZA

    Nueva propuesta - Patrocinio de DASH en grupo local

    Bitcuners es un grupo de cripto entusiastas que han mantenido con exito reuniones semanales por 2 años atrayendo a personas que quieran compartir y obtener información sobre criptodivisas y blockchain. Bitcuners han enseñado a un nivel nacional y local participando en eventos como LaBitConf en...
  21. JZA

    Creacion de kit de comunicacion para comunidades locales

    Saludos comunidad, estoy buscando crear un kit de comunicacion para motivar la creacion de grupos locales de DASH. Basicamente informacion general sobre DASH, tips de como crear una comunidad, asi como sistemas para documentar las actividades de estas y reportarlas de vuelta a la comunidad de...
  22. JZA

    DASH Facebook Group

    Not really a website but want to promote some of the Facebook Groups that have to do with DASH: - Dash Digital Cash - Dash Venezuela - Dash Africa
  23. Chris4210

    DashNation we need you for BlockPay Ambassadors!

    Dear Dash Community, We are currently looking for new BlockPay Ambassadors, especially in the Dash Community. BlockPay enables any merchant to accept leading digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum at zero costs. BlockPay is a new easy way business to get started with digital...
  24. JZA

    Construir comunidad en DASH

    Escribi un post en steemit sobre DASH y la comunidad hispana. Espero lo disfruten Apoyando la comunidad de DASH Hispano, gracias por sus upvotes
  25. ec1warc1

    Should providers be required to create reports on their progress?

    Hello friends, As a somewhat new member of the Dash Master Node community, I would like to thank you all for being so helpful and welcoming. I hope that my new suggestion to the system is welcome. As I vote on these various proposals to the group, I notice that some of the proposals will be...
  26. DashChat

    Questions from Community Members to DASH Core Team Members

    Hello. We created a new channel on slack, we call it #questions. How does it work? Community members submit question(s) in the #questions slack channel. Every 15 days a slack admin will submit the list of questions here. We know the core team is busy and because of that we do not expect to have...
  27. TaoOfSatoshi

    Proposal: Multimedia Community Outreach

    Hi, my name is Tao Of Satoshi. Most of you know me already from the forums and on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as the Dash Dalmatian. You may remember I submitted a proposal a while back called "Tao - Community Lead". While this proposal was successful from the standpoint that it received...
  28. JZA

    Telegram group?

    Is there an official telegram group for DASH? Wonder if people interested into creating one in case that is not the case.
  29. amanda_b_johnson

    Do you see value in categorizing proposals as "core" or "community"? Why/why not?

    Hi, everyone. I'm interested to know what each person -- especially masternodes -- thinks about proposals being categorized as either "core" or "community." Do you find value in this? If so, what is the value you find? And if not, why not? Thanks in advance to all who respond, and to...