1. Pieter Eralith

    Project Constellation: A Consumer-Focused Dash Explainer Video

    Project Constellation: A consumer-focused Dash Explainer Video This proposal is for a new explainer video aimed at consumers. Why this proposal? We believe there is a need for a new explainer video. Why do we need another? The existing video is packed with technical language, and is probably...
  2. Pieter Eralith

    "Border-Free Love" - Live action + VFX DASH Commercial, 2M Views over 6 Months

    Hi folks! This is the new update thread for our Border-Free Love advertising proposal, found here. Thank you all for your continued support!
  3. J

    Proposal - Short Marketing Film

    We in the crypto community have all heard the use case of a refugee carrying his or her 12 word backup phrase in their head as a means of taking their assets with them undetected as they flee their home country. Why not bring this to life in a dramatic short marketing piece? It would really...
  4. Pieter Eralith

    Poll: Vote on our next animated Dash commercial!

    Hi everyone! We at Eralith (myself, @bielie and @Thomas - Eralith) are excited to bring to you, a brand new set of pitches for the next Dash animated commercial! For those of you that missed our previous forum post, here’s a recap: Following the success of our first ad, we announced that we...
  5. Pieter Eralith

    Important Update To Our Advertisement Production Process

    I just wanted to swing by make an update post on behalf of our team. If you have not met us at Eralith yet, please have a gander at our first ad campaign: We are just coming off the heels of this round of voting, and being close...