1. xkcd

    Reduction of Masternode collateral

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss and gauge community support of lowering the Masternode collateral from 1000 DASH to 500, 250 or 200 DASH. Pros Reduce friction to becoming a MNO. Increase the decentralisation of the network. Counter the trend of falling MN count from a peak of over...
  2. B

    Collateral cheaper in Dash electrum than Dash core?

    I made two nearly identical mixings in Dash core and Dash electrum, and I've noticed that I only paid 0.0001 Dash with electrum while I paid 0.0003 with core. Is the collateral amount determined by the wallet or is it random?
  3. 1

    Can I fund my collateral from a multi-signature address?

    As the value of 1000 DASH rises I'm getting nervous about my setup. Can I create a multi-signature wallet with dash-electrum and send one transaction of 1000 DASH as a collateral? I understand that I'm supposed to generate the funding address with "getaccountaddress 0" in the dash-qt client...
  4. halso

    Why don't we halve the Masternode collateral requirement now?

    Q. Why does a network with incentivized nodes (i.e. Dash) have less nodes than a network with no incentives (i.e. Bitcoin) ? Is our master-node collateral requirement too high? I previously read somewhere that the plan is to ultimately decrease the collateral requirement as the network grows...