1. Mark Mason

    Can Bitcoin Survive “China Mining Pool Attack” Without ChainLocks?

    Can Bitcoin Survive “China Mining Pool Attack” Without ChainLocks? Bitcoin may be vulnerable to an attack on mining pools based in China despite a decentralized enough hashpower, giving credence to technology like Dash’s ChainLocks even for large hashrate coins. Read more -...
  2. dianadsouza

    China’s Province Launches First Officially Licensed “Blockchain Pilot Zone”

    On Monday, China’s Hainan province became the first to launch “blockchain pilot zone”. This zone was jointly established by Resort Software Company (RSC).
  3. dianadsouza

    China is Blocking More Than 120 Offshore Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    China continues with government’s crackdown activities associated to cryptocurrency. As a result, China is about to block more than 120 offshore cryptocurrency exchanges.
  4. huobipro

    DASH-on-Huobi.Pro Performance Report

    Good day DASH community, It’s been some time that we have last spoke and us here at Huobi would like to report to the community. This report we have drafted details all that we have done with the credited DASH in increasing awareness and interest in the DASH project. Before diving into it, we...
  5. S

    WTS October D3 Miner 4 Sale

    Hello, I am selling my October D3 miner..located in Shanghai. Prefer to sell to those already in mainland China but will ship worldwide. $USD5500 neg. can accept RMB payment, Paypal. etc. PM me for wechat contact.
  6. S

    A Chinese blog for DASH?

    Hello the Dash community, I have been involved in bitcoin for a long time but new to Dash. Now I'm interested in Dash and invested a few. To promote DASH in China, I'm thinking of starting a blog about it. What do you think about the idea? I will set it up soon.
  7. mastermined

    Rumored China Crackdown on P2P Crypto Trading, Mining to Test Censorship Resistance

    The Chinese government has continued its crackdown on cryptocurrency trading, including peer-to-peer trading and possibly mining, which will test the limits of decentralization. Over the past few weeks, a series of events stemming from regulation in China caused the cryptocurrency markets to go...
  8. mastermined

    Dash Rebounds, Gains Against Bitcoin in Post-China Drama Crypto Recovery

    Dash has bounced back after a rough week in the markets, gaining against Bitcoin. Over the past week, market uncertainty resulting from China’s announcementof shutting down cryptocurrency exchanges caused the crypto markets to crash, dipping from about $145 billion combined to around $97...
  9. mastermined

    China ICO Ban Crashes Crypto Markets, Dash China Conference Cancelled

    ICOs have been declared illegal in China, causing the cryptocurrency markets to tumble, while an upcoming Dash conference in China has been postponed. Initial coin offerings as a means of raising capital for cryptocurrency projects have risen to high levels of popularity, with the sale of...
  10. Mark Mason

    Introducing Dash Force China Ambassador Michael Gu - Dash Force News

    Introducing Dash Force China Ambassador Michael Gu - Dash Force News In this video we meet the newest member of the Dash Force team Michael Gu. Michael is the Dash Force China Ambassador of the recently launched international outreach initiative by Dash Force. Michael is very knowledgeable...
  11. mastermined


    As Dash Force International Outreach Director I’m proud to announce that starting in June Dash Force will be launching our first outreach project Dash Force China. Dash Force News launched on 17th April and has been running for over 6 weeks now. I wish to build upon this success. I give my...
  12. F

    Pre-Proposal: China and Dash Investment

    Hi all Thank you for viewing my pre-proposal. I have never submitted a proposal on here before and am looking at initial thoughts about this concept and what the community is looking for in new proposals. I have made this relatively quickly to get an idea as to what people think of my general...