1. Phillip-Bitaccess

    Dash Meets Cash Pre-Proposal, Feedback Appreciated!

    Hi Folks! I've just submitted a concept proposal to the Dash Nexus for an integration that would bring Dash to more than 550 Crypto ATM's across the world, include Dash on an Instant exchange, and expose Dash to a customer base of more than 250,000. The concept is visible on the Dash...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Voices of Dash Nation (Toknormal) | Why should Venezuela use cash?
  3. I

    Pre-proposal Point of Sale and Dash

    Hello Folks, We have developed fiscal register, it very innovative one. We are distributing it in Kazakhstan. Our clients except of small trading are Sberbank (largest bank in Russia) and second largest retail network - Small. One of the main feature is that IKKM can be connected for almost any...
  4. R

    DASH Liquidity - Businesses Accepting DASH

    Hey guys! I am wondering... In the hypothetical situation that I am a merchant.... I have a clothes shop and I want to start accepting DASH as a payment option for my business. So what would be the liquidity of Dash? Realistically speaking I would need to have the Dash I received as payments...
  5. ec1warc1

    How people view cash is really a cultural issue.

    I just finished reading this article. It is an interesting read when I think about Dash and its acceptance in the world. "The Countries where Cash is on the Verge of Extinction"
  6. rgenito

    Proposal: OTC Marketplace w/ Wall of Coins (October)

    The updated, revised, and comprehensive proposal for an OTC Marketplace with Wall of Coins is now posted! Also, the crowd fund donation address: XxoppjLV4enbnNbEgiA5qk9upMVLG6TmCn If you'd like a private address, let me know and I'll PM you.
  7. rgenito

    Dash OTC exchange coming soon (WOC network and API)

    I appreciate everyone's feedback and support on the initial proposal for a true Dash OTC exchange through the Wall of Coins (WOC) network and API. What was this proposal, basically? Imagine if every Dash wallet and Dash payments website directly embedded a way for YOU to easily get DASH safely...