1. O

    Anyone have experience with the Uquid debit card?

    I'm a newbie and excited about Dash, and looking at getting a Uquid debit card. Has anyone here used one? How is it? Are there better crypto debit cards out there? Thanks!
  2. C

    PolisPay Including Dash: Towards Massive Adoption

    Hello everyone, I present myself as Cronos, blockchain developer. I am introducing the PolisPay service for everyone to use your crypto in daily life using HD wallets. We are developing an app and we include Dash on it. I posted it on the Dash Nation discord and get banned immediately, that's...
  3. Acedian

    Where is Charlie Shrem's DashPayCard?

    I would like, as I am sure many do, an update on the progress of the DashPayCard. I am very eager to see this bad boy in action! :D The estimated time to release was 3 months. It has been 2 months now with no word on how the protect is going. I would like to hear from @CharlieShrem if...
  4. Dr. Julian Hosp

    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    IMPORTANT: The voting is live: gobject vote-many 3acfe51600f862fc3493a7183cc65f3fbcaae2f2db7fc5acd7cdc1137a3d20ef funding yes Hey All. I am the Co-Founder of Here is the link to our website: We are integrating...