businesses accepting dash

  1. Alexandre Perlingeiro

    What is necessary to a restaurant to accept Dash?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for ideas to allow a regular business, like a restaurant, to accept Dash - and be profitable. 1) MERCHANT What the merchant need to have to implement a business accepting Dash? Just a wallet to receive Dash and the exchange of the day to conversions fiat x Dash? 2)...
  2. F

    Bitalo AG and Lamium OY Dash Re-Branding discussion

    Hi Dash Community, some of you know me as @Macno and some as Fabio Bossi and I had another account here but in London Fernando convinced me that the easiest is to just keep it real, so I am Fabio. As I have to wait for 3 posts to submit any link, I will just provide a short introduction. I...
  3. mastermined

    DiscoverDash Lists 100 Dash-Accepting Businesses and Growing

    DiscoverDash has listed 100 Dash-accepting businesses worldwide so far, adding to its ever-increasing merchant database. A project of Dash Force, DiscoverDash is a website and resource for the main street adoption of Dash as an everyday currency. In the cryptocurrency world, particularly the...