1. W

    AI crypto trading bot

    Our AI crypto trading bot is programmed with unique algorithms, signal trading patterns, and automated trading principles to facilitate the trading process for active users.
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | KimDotCom Loves Dash. He Just Doesn't Know It Yet

    In a recent interview by KimDotCom with Tone Vays, he notes that Bitcoin's sales pitch of being a store of value is not going to excite newcomers. New users will be enamored by quick, private, secure, easy to use transactions. While Kim is talking about Bitcoin Cash in the interview, he's really...
  3. Alexandre Perlingeiro

    What is necessary to a restaurant to accept Dash?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for ideas to allow a regular business, like a restaurant, to accept Dash - and be profitable. 1) MERCHANT What the merchant need to have to implement a business accepting Dash? Just a wallet to receive Dash and the exchange of the day to conversions fiat x Dash? 2)...
  4. Jorge Olivé

    Pre-Proposal –Tabasco, México / Indie Music Festival DASH

    Hello DASH community, I want to increase awareness and use of DASH in my hometown of Tabasco, Mexico. We want to create a Hip Hop Festival and open the opportunity for the participants to also benefit from the many benefits and uses of DASH in a controlled environment. Music festivals are a...
  5. K

    [PRE-PROPOSAL] Koodaa: Start, manage and finance your SME with Dash.

    Hello Dash folks, We are Koodaa, a London-based financial technology startup aiming to make it tremendously easy to start and manage a business using only your smartphone, and ensure sufficient liquidity despite long invoice payout cycles. Our main product is a mobile/web application which...
  6. F

    Bitalo AG and Lamium OY Dash Re-Branding discussion

    Hi Dash Community, some of you know me as @Macno and some as Fabio Bossi and I had another account here but in London Fernando convinced me that the easiest is to just keep it real, so I am Fabio. As I have to wait for 3 posts to submit any link, I will just provide a short introduction. I...
  7. JZA

    [proposal] Business marketing push to turn Cancun into a DASH hotspot

    Our local community Bitcuners have grown significally and many of the members are interested into taking DASH to the next level in the City. We want to convert Cancun into a DASH hotspot around the world and bring a DASH economy to the city. Current Events At this point, Bitcuners has...
  8. JZA

    Odoo (OpenERP) extension to manage DASH

    This is a very early pre-proposal about building an extension for Odoo (OpenERP), which is an Open Source (LGPLv3) license. Odoo is built on Python, and includes a POS which makes it easier for businesses to implement and integrate with crypto currencies such as DASH. The plugin will include the...
  9. Chris4210

    Dash Point of Sale Network. Buy your beer with Dash!!

    Dear Dash community, we are excited to introduce the first universal point of sale platform for Dash. You are now able to buy a bottle of beer, a pair of shoes or a car with your favorite Dash mobile wallets. Welcome to BlockPay! BlockPay allows any merchant (retail, grocery chains...