business development

  1. F

    Bitalo AG and Lamium OY Dash Re-Branding discussion

    Hi Dash Community, some of you know me as @Macno and some as Fabio Bossi and I had another account here but in London Fernando convinced me that the easiest is to just keep it real, so I am Fabio. As I have to wait for 3 posts to submit any link, I will just provide a short introduction. I...
  2. DashDude

    Promoting DASH as an Investment to Hedge Funds

    I saw an article yesterday entitled, "Hedge Funds Investing in Cryptocurrencies ‘Exploding’ – 62 in Pipeline," that I thought was interesting. After waiting for this to happen for several years it finally seems that hedge funds are beginning to warm up to crypto. I think we should target hedge...
  3. DashDude

    [pre-proposal] Exchange Listing Incentive Program

    Problem Statement: DASH is more difficult to buy than Bitcoin or Ethereum due to being listed on fewer exchanges and with fewer fiat on/off ramps. This program provides incentives to exchanges to help close this gap. Proposal Description and Goal: The purpose of this program is to make DASH...