1. J

    Possible Bug: Next Payment on DashMasternode tool not progressing

    Hello, I have a masternode. A couple of weeks ago I had problems and thanks to the help from this community (@strophy in particular) we were able to fix it. Now it seems to be working alright. And the masternode started paying back again. At least it paid one time. Then now we are approaching...
  2. DeepBlue

    Core Wallet Private Send Bug? PrivateSend "completion" mixing stuck

    Could someone please assist. This appear to be a Dash Core Wallet Bug on the Private Send Mixing feature I have the DashCoreWallet Version 12.2.3 (64 bit) I clicked the Start Mixing button and the mixing started OK. However the mixing was taking several hours and it got to about 43%. There...
  3. dashmeister

    How many months do I have to wait to mix 27.000 dash coins?

    I'm trying now since many hours just to mix a small number of coins (150) and it's not working. I know this is not a bug, but I think its a big problem. How many weeks or month do I have to wait to mix my few thousand coins? How can you call a coin anonymous, if you have to wait so long time...