1. hugep3n15

    [WTS] Few Hundo Dash for BTC/ETH/XRM or XLM @ Market +/- 0% - Currently 95.11$

    As the title says I'd like some different cryptos. Why not use an exchange? Because of fees. This way I exchange at market price - avoiding the deposit/exchange/withdrawal fees.
  2. J

    Is mining and trading of btc legal in india?

    Hello folks, I would like to whether trading and mining of bitcoins or other crypto currencies legal in india! Are there any legal procedures to do before getting into this? Shred some light expecting replies from ones who are experienced in this field Thanks ~ Jumbala
  3. L

    How to buy btc/eth with a credit card?

    Personally I use the following method: to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum with Visa and MasterCard, you need to 1. Select a cryptocurrency and its amount on the website or in your backoffice 2. Specify your wallet address. (If you don't have a wallet...
  4. A

    BTG is the future

    BTG Is going to be in the top 10 coins of 2018, possibly even top 5. Reasons: -Bitcoin Gold decentralizes mining -Hard forking Bitcoin’s blockchain fairly and efficiently distributes a new digital asset immediately to people all over the world who have interest in cryptocoins -Bitcoin Gold is a...
  5. Carlh

    One coin to rule them all? A concern regarding Dash/BTC pair

    Hi! A friend of mine started investing some in Dash after my recommendation. Today he asked me a good question. "What happens if Bitcoin drops to one third of it's current value? Won't that basically drop all other coins to similar lows, as most of the currencies are measured as a pair to the...
  6. M - exchange DASH, BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, Neteller, PM and other

    Dear friends, I'm glad to introduce a verified automatic e-currency exchange service - Here you can always exchange these e-currencies instantly: Dash Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Monero Stellar NEM Litecoin Zcash Perfect Money Neteller EXMO Solid Trust Pay AdvCash...
  7. specter

    CANCELADO [RIFA]Livro:"A Revolução das Moedas Digitais: Bitcoins e Altcoins

    REGRAS 1º Sera sorteado o livro "A Revolução das Moedas Digitais: Bitcoins e Altcoins". 2º Para participar, e necessário depositar 0.5 Dash para o endereço informado. 3º A quantidade máxima de números e 30 numeros. 4º A cada 0.5 Dash que o participante depositar, o mesmo poderá escolher 2...
  8. hugep3n15

    WTS 27 Bitcoin (xbt; btc) @ preev +5% - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Perfect Money

    Hi forum members. I have a total of 27 btc for sale @ preev +5%. Accepted payment methods - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money and Bitgold. Let me know if you are interested.