1. S

    A Chinese blog for DASH?

    Hello the Dash community, I have been involved in bitcoin for a long time but new to Dash. Now I'm interested in Dash and invested a few. To promote DASH in China, I'm thinking of starting a blog about it. What do you think about the idea? I will set it up soon.
  2. Leonidas

    Dash Force News - Nouvel Article

    Salut à tous, J'actualiserai ce fil de discussion quotidiennement avec les nouveaux articles en français de DashForceNews : Pour nous suivre sur les réseaux sociaux : Facebook : Twitter ...
  3. carlomile2

    Recruitment d'un blogger natif francais.

    Salut a tous, Dans notre prochain projet nous cherchons á recruter un bloggeur qui soit de nationalité francaise et qui a une exellente niveau d'anglais. Il assurera la traduction des articles chaque jour. Traduction professionelle. Si vous possedez deja un blog c'est un atout. J'attends...
  4. stellabelle

    Stats After One Week of Dash For Newbies Publication Launch

    I wasn't sure if I should post this stats info in here or somewhere else. Please advise. I have some stats for you to review after one week of publishing articles in the Dash For Newbies Medium publication. There are 10 articles in the publication so far, and I'm averaging about 1 article per...
  5. stellabelle

    DASH FOR NEWBIES is Now a Medium Publication, Looking For Contributors

    Today I realized one thing: groups outperform individuals every time. I went ahead and created a new Medium Publication titled, Dash For Newbies which you can see here: This is one component of my Dash proposal that is currently sitting at 399 votes. I decided...
  6. stellabelle

    New Article About The Dash Community From A Newbie Perspective

    I wrote an article that can be shared to people's Facebook pages, Twitter and other social profiles, etc. It is written for the absolute beginner and illustrates the reasons why I'm very optimistic about the future of Dash. Feel free to share it anywhere online. It's focused mainly on the social...
  7. elishagh1

    The Dash Times -

    The Dash Times formerly known as Dashpay Magazine is the most trusted and respected online destination for information about the DASH (Digital Cash) and digital currency industry. We have made a move from our old domain to because: Elimination of "pay" in...