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  1. cazlutz

    Zero-Fee PrivateSends observed in the network. Have I Found a Hidden Feature?? Can someone explain??

    I have found multiple instances where there were 0 DASH/kB for private send transactions. Is this a hidden feature? I thought masternodes charged a mandatory fee of 0.0125 DASH per mixing round, correct? I observed PrivateSends in multiple blocks with the 1000DASH denomination where there were...
  2. G

    My Dash Transaction is still not redeemed

    Hello Everyone, I transferred some Dash coins into Bitcoins using Changelly but my transaction is still pending on Dash block Explorer. It is showing Not yet Redeemed. Its been more than a day, but my transaction is still pending. Can anybody help, as I am new to this Dash Interface, and i...
  3. HashEngineering

    DASH Block Explorers with InstantSend

    Today, various members were chatting at the Digital Cash Slack in the support and tech channel about Dash N Drink and getting various apps that have the ability to use InstantSend. One such app mentioned was Jaxx. After going to their website and finding their source code listing to be rather...