1. S

    Why dashnode or insight sometimes is down

    Hello all, please help me 1 month more can't correctly up Dash node. OS: Debian 9.3 (x86_64) Install step-by-step [email protected]:~/.bitcore/data# netstat -tunlpn Active Internet connections (only servers)...
  2. Izham Zubir

    Bitcore keep alive

    Currently I am running bitcore using "./bin/bitcore-node-dash start" using SSH. But after SSH session expired/ended, the bitcore seems shutting down by its own. My aim is to keep insight-api and insight-ui 24/7 accessible. My question is, how to prevent that? Is there any command to keep the...
  3. I

    InstantSend Questions

    Hello guys, I am Adrian Kreter from Instacoins. I will post the project here once completed. Before that I have a few technical questions regarding InstantSend. I am refering to this guide: https dashpay.atlassian .net/wiki/display/DOC/InstantSend+Integration (I am splitting the link because...