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    WTS Bitcointalk Services - Thread Manager - Keep your TOPIC page #1

    BITCOINTALK SERVICES You are too busy with your project. You don't have time to manage topics and communities; We will replace your management. We own community using Bitcointalk, our members up to 1000 people. All are legitimate, no account stolen, crack, hack. We have managed some typical...
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    WTS Bitcointalk Service - Make your project successful

    I have services for as follows: Boost your Topic: We will push your topic Comment adheres to the topic Make your topic more vibrant Keep your Topic on page #1 We will keep your topic on page 1 for 1 hour Comment adheres to the topic Max 5 hours/day Put your text in 1...
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    Baikal influencing bitcointalk to remove my post

    It is strange that i got below notification that my post was removed for just entering "Agreed", moreover when i try to reply the message sender i was told that 'your message is blocked and i cannot send them message' Why is my posted removed why i just agreed to another members analysis by...