1. Comodore

    Security of dash nodes & mining Let's make dash better.
  2. ALFAcashier - exchange Bitcoin/ETH/XRP/Tether/Stellar/PerfectMoney/etc

    Dear cryptocurrency users, Welcome to! We can help you buy, sell, and exchange your currency on the best possible terms and at the best possible rate! ALFAcashier is a fast, reliable way to exchange electronic currency. The service is fully automated and requires no...
  3. CoinReform

    CoinReform - exchange your coins is a new cryptocurrency service which allows you to convert one type of cryptocurrency to another (e.g.: Bitcoin to Litecoin). advantages: There is no need in registration All conversions are happening automatically once there is certain amount of confirmations...
  4. mrgel

    Criador do Bitcoin tem sua identidade revelada

    Craig Wright, diz que se viu obrigado a revelar que é o criador do Bitcoin.