1. chargcoin


    How much would you invest in a single ICO?
  2. QuantumExplorer

    How DASH is resistant to retargeting issues.

    Some of you might be following the ongoing bitcoin crisis of identity. I'm making this post to explain why the current issue in Bitcoin involving retargeting could never affect Dash. Because of the way bitcoin was set up, retargeting happens every 2016 blocks. Before you go off blaming...
  3. Acedian

    Past vs Future

    Give me your best...
  4. Timumba

    Echat - first messenger with crypto-wallet

    Hello friends, we developed a decentralized multi task e Chat, announced the start of pre-ICO! We announced the release of a revolutionary product on the ICO, which will undoubtedly interest both large investors and ordinary users. At the moment, e-Chat is already a working application, the...
  5. mastermined

    BItcoin ABC Lead Dev: 2017 Is the First Year with Negative Bitcoin Merchant Adoption

    Bitcoin’s merchant adoption has actually gone down this year, according to the Bitcoin ABC lead developer. In an episode of BitTopia, Amaury Séchet mentioned Bitcoin merchant adoption and its present status. He sees a decline in adoption in 2017, with more and more merchants formerly...
  6. D

    1xBet - Sports, e-Sport, Slots, Live Casino, Cryptocurrency

    1xBet betting company is the leader in the market of betting business. The company was born in 2007, supports 40 languages and countries all over the world. For players, 1xBet offers an impressive choice of events and bet types, high coefficients and limits, convenient input and withdrawal of...
  7. Roslyn

    U‎฿UNTU Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations!

    "Thursday, 31 August 2017 UBUNTU Now Accepts Donations in Bitcoin After several years not using Bitcoin - we decided to try it again since many more people now use crypto-currencies. The UBUNTU Bitcoin Wallet Address is: 17KAwQwYC5FWdfTQg6uhLEMS7xYwAgRNMz Please use it if you can to make a...
  8. mastermined

    Bitcoin Cash Passes Early-August Bitcoin Transactions, Fees Remain Low

    he Bitcoin Cash network is currently processing more transactions than Bitcoin did early August at exceptionally low fees, providing a vindication of the big-block scaling approach. Bitcoin Cash, which forked off of the main Bitcoin chain at the beginning of the month, processed a high of...
  9. mastermined

    I Know Exactly Why I Was Interested in Bitcoin

    A recent video surfaced of Bitcoin Core/Blockstream developer Luke Dashjr answering an interview question of why he was interested in Bitcoin to begin with. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t really have an answer. This video has caused quite a stir in the Bitcoin community, with one side chastising his...
  10. mastermined

    How the Top Digital Currencies’ Fees Measure Up

    When looking for an efficient payment system, one of the most important factors is how cheaply value can be transferred to another party, namely fees. Early Bitcoin boasted fees much lower than any traditional payment method, and many coins still maintain a commitment to this vision. Here are...
  11. T

    Cryptocheck - SW for periodical balance checking of cryptocurrency addresses

    Greetings to all, I just want to introduce Cryptocheck - a software for periodical balance checking of cryptocurrency addresses with support for multiple cryptocurrencies. Cryptocheck is free and open source, you can download it at Sourceforge. Originally I have developed it just for my...
  12. mastermined

    Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency As a Whole, Reach New Highs

    Cryptocurrency has reached a new all-time high, bolstered by Bitcoin’s growth to unprecedented levels. The combined valuation of all cryptocurrency has reached $127 billion. This beats the previous record of $124 billion this week, which in turn topped the previous record of $116 billion set in...
  13. - Exchange / Buy and Sell / Bitcoin / DASH

    Service renders services on purchase, sale and exchange at the most favorable rate in such popular areas as: DASH / ВТБ 24 RUB. / Sberbank RUB / Alfa-Bank RUB / Yandex money RUB / QIWI RUB , Visa / Mastercard RUB / Bitcoin! Always profitable course of selling / buying...
  14. cryptolide

    Cryptolide - Выгодный обмен Dash без посредников и без комиссий!

    Здравствуйте, уважаемые форумчане. Представляю вашему вниманию сервис Cryptolide, запуск которого запланирован на 10 августа 2017 года. Проект Cryptolide создается уже почти полтора года (название было изменено на cryptolide недавно), и сейчас готовится полноценный запуск сервиса. Благодаря...
  15. Mark Mason

    Roger Ver on What’s Next for Him and Bitcoin

    Roger Ver on What’s Next for Him and Bitcoin Early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver was known for his involvement in the first startups in the space. Later, he became a pivotal figure in the great scaling debate, a hero to one side and a supervillain to the other. I sat down with Ver to discuss his...
  16. Mark Mason to Dump Segwit2x? Roger Ver Might Help nChain Block Segwit - Dash Force News to Dump Segwit2x? Roger Ver Might Help nChain Block Segwit - Dash Force News Roger Ver indicated that he may join nChain in blocking Segwit implementation, calling into question adherence to the Segwit2x compromise. On a recent episode of the Crypto Show, Ver of
  17. alastair brian

    New to the forum, want to know more

    I have joined the dash forum today. I am already familiar with bitcoin and leocoin but dash is a new thing for me. Is this also a cryptocurrency just like bitcoin or it is something other. any information will be much appreciated.
  18. Mark Mason

    Bitcoin Miners Begin Signalling for Segwit2x, Dash and Litecoin Spike - Dash Force News

    Bitcoin Miners Begin Signalling for Segwit2x, Dash and Litecoin Spike - Dash Force News Bitcoin miners have begun signalling Segwit2x despite fierce opposition from segments of the community, as Litecoin and Dash grow to take its place as digital money. About a month ago, business leaders...
  19. Mark Mason

    What Made Me Realize Bitcoin Is Heading For a Split - Dash Force News

    What Made Me Realize Bitcoin Is Heading For a Split - Dash Force News I realized that Bitcoin is probably going to split. No, it wasn’t a particular technical detail of suggested improvements to the code, or some backroom deal I heard about, or an assessment of the influence and power of...
  20. Mark Mason

    Bitcoin Prepares for Potential Split, Rattles Markets - Dash Force News

    Bitcoin Prepares for Potential Split, Rattles Markets - Dash Force News Rumblings from both sides of the Bitcoin scaling debate indicating an upcoming chain split have shaken the cryptocurrency markets into taking a dive. In response to the increasing likelihood of a user-activated soft fork...
  21. Mark Mason

    Bitcoin and Monero Demonstrate the Need for Governance - Dash Force News

    Bitcoin and Monero Demonstrate the Need for Governance - Dash Force News The cryptocurrency world is once again alight with internal drama. Not only has Bitcoin come to a scaling consensus, only to discover that it wasn’t really a consensus and that a chain split might be coming, but Monero...
  22. Mark Mason

    Bitcoin Scaling Agreement Reached, Community Divisions Persist - Dash Force News

    Bitcoin Scaling Agreement Reached, Community Divisions Persist - Dash Force News A scaling agreement has been reached for Bitcoin by a large group of industry players, while elements of the community remain opposed. This week at the Consensus 2017 conference, a group of 56 companies...
  23. Mark Mason

    Picking Winners in a Cryptocurrency Bubble - Dash Force News

    Picking Winners in a Cryptocurrency Bubble - Dash Force News The late 1990’s gave us Ricky Martin, fears of Y2K, and the Great Dot-com Bubble. I was involved with a prototypical Internet startup at the time – the founder and I worked in his basement, and within a few years we had over 300...
  24. stellabelle

    New Hackernoon Article: No One Wants To Go To A Party Where Hostile Nerds Are Fighting

    New article I just wrote appears on the front page of Hackernoon! It's always good when the Hackernoon editor accepts my articles into Hackernoon because they have around 109,000 followers. Here's the latest one where I describe why I decided to go with Dash instead of Bitcoin...
  25. mastermined


    Bitcoin rose, fell, and bounced back on the promise of practical use. Its world-liberating technology, initially a plaything for nerds, proved its mettle with viability for business, especially for international transfers. The rocket that took cryptocurrency’s favorite coin #ToTheMoon was...
  26. Dashmaximalist

    Conduct the research for optimum %

    Ryan taylor explains clearly that there is nothing magical about the 45% numbers that needs to be given the miners, and tell that if we dont find the optimum number, an other coin will become better than dash just like what we did to bitcoin
  27. mastermined

    Activist Project Rights Brigade Switches To Dash

    Activist organization the Rights Brigade has switched from Bitcoin to Dash for operational costs. The New Hampshire-based organization, which focuses on activism that promotes freedom in all areas of life, uses cryptocurrency donations to tip activists in order to incentivize them and thank...
  28. stellabelle

    New BITCOIN VS. DASH Comic

    This comic emerged from a Dash Nation slack conversation.....
  29. S

    [ANN] Swisscoinex - New Cryptocurrency Exchange We are happy to announce that today, after 1 year of development, live trading is now open on Swisscoinex: a brand-new, secure, Switzerland-based cryptocurrency-only exchange. WHY SWISSCOINEX ? In the past, cryptocurrency exchanges have been plagued with security...
  30. K

    Alternative to Kraken

    Hi, I'm using Kraken to buy Bitcoin and then trading it for Dash. I'm highly unsatisfied with Kraken. They keep putting my deposits and withdrawals on hold for no valid reason, their customer support is (to put it mildly) unresponsive and the website itself is buggy. What I like about them...
  31. W

    Wolfchange - direct cryptocurrecies exhange service[BETA] - is an fast, direct cryptocurrency exchange with beautifull interface, that provides the simplest way to exchange most interesting cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks! Wolfchange - service made by crypto fans for crypto fans. Having gained some...
  32. JZA

    OpenBazaar DASH fork?

    A talk on DASH knights about possibility to have an OpenBazaar fork for DASH, given that: a) OB is FLOSS b) OB is Python d) Why not? This will enable to have a DASH centric dameon, looking at the OB-Server code the requirements for bitcoin are bitcoin-tools, python-libbitcoinclient and...
  33. B

    Dash for OneVanilla, eBay GC, etc

    Any romanians using dash instead of BTC?
  34. Liberty Entrepreneurs

    New Interview: – The Future of Social Media w/ CEO Ned Scott

    New Interview: – The Future of Social Media w/ CEO Ned Scott Today’s guest is Ned Scott, CEO of and the crypto-currency Steem which is a blockchain built to reward and incentivize content creation and social media engagement. Basically it’s a website like Facebook or...
  35. adiiorio

    Jaxx - Dash integration

    Hey there Dash community! Anthony, CEO of Jaxx here. Our team has been extensively researching the Dash ecosystem and are super excited to be joining your community. For those of you who don't know, Dash will soon be integrated in Jaxx, our multi-token, multi-platform blockchain wallet. We've...
  36. B

    LBRY - Play, Share, Earn.

    A NEW COIN HUGE POTENTIAL! DO NOT miss out on this! FREE 25 LBC! On Bittrex: 1 LBC= 0.00140000 On 1 LBC= 0.00163456 Watch, Read and Play in a decentralized digital library controlled by the community. Currently, you can only join LBRY through invitation. More info...
  37. kent Stenseth Bitcoin,Perfect Money, Skrill, PayPal exchange

    Dear user! Using service you can buy e-currency (deposit to your digital currency account) like Bitcoins, Litecoins and others. You can pay your order with fiat money using credit card and debit card (instantly!), local and international bank wire transfer, SEPA transfer, cash...
  38. TaoOfSatoshi

    Ethereum's Fork and Bitcoin's Block Size: Different Dramas, Same Cause | Dash: Detailed

    Amanda B. Johnson is back, highlighting the differences between Dash and other coin's experiences with resolving issues: Also on Dash Nation: Enjoy.
  39. Luiz_Ant0n10

    How Does Dash's DAO Work? | DASH: Detailed

    How Does Dash's DAO Work? | DASH: Detailed What is a 'decentralized autonomous organization,' how does Dash's work, what does it do, and who can join? You might be surprised at the answers. Join Amanda B. Johnson on this second episode of DASH: Detailed.
  40. hugep3n15

    WTS 27 Bitcoin (xbt; btc) @ preev +5% - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Perfect Money

    Hi forum members. I have a total of 27 btc for sale @ preev +5%. Accepted payment methods - PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money and Bitgold. Let me know if you are interested.