1. BitcoinStash

    [ANN] Bitcoin Stash (BSH) | Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | Merged Mining

    OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! Download Bitcoin Stash wallet binary files from our GitHub page (Windows & Linux): Instruction: Uncompress the downloaded zip file (.tar.gz file for Linux) and double-click on bitcoin-qt file under the bin folder to run the...

    Yeeehaaa! DASH block is finally on my website!

    Hello there! Somebody just made an order for DASH block on my website and it will be paid in DASH currency. How awesome is that! My website is
  3. cryptoexchange4u

    P2Pool Bitcoin Mining-cryptoexchange4u

    People find many news about Bitcoin Mining which are quality in different genres because they make use of their important features, and there’s nothing that reveals the rewarding satisfaction people get when they actually implement the correct application, even if it takes some time for a while...
  4. cryptoexchange4u

    WTB Crypto Currency Exchange Software

    Start your Own Crypto Currency Exchange Platform by deploying our robust CryptoEx Software. Exchangers are the great way to start your bitcoin start-ups.
  5. Grupo.certus

    Google trends predicts the price of bitcoins?

    guys, what do you think of this article?, I read it and I found it interesting
  6. Wilmar Toro

    La mayoría de las transacciones de Bitcoin son especulativas, mientras que las transacciones de Dash

    La mayoría de las transacciones de Bitcoin son especulativas, mientras que las transacciones de Dash representan un uso real Un nuevo análisis de Lilita Infante en la Administración de Drogas de los Estados Unidos, ha demostrado que la dinámica entre las actividades ilegales y la especulación...
  7. Smile-Expo

    Enerchain – the most successful blockchain project in the energy sector

    Energetics is a promising sector for blockchain. Today dozens of startups, for instance, Enerchain coin, Transactive Grid, LO3, and others are developing smart power grids that involve the distributed ledger technology among other things. Major companies like Siemens investmillions of dollars in...
  8. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm 11 september

    On September 11, Sweden will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm organized by Smile-Expo – international coordinator of business events. The conference will introduce various topics regarding blockchain and will drive attention to the most topical problems of the cryptocurrency...
  9. Smile-Expo

    Рекордный хешрейт биткоина и СССР на блокчейне: чем запомнилась криптоиндустрия за неделю

    В Нидерландах построят деревню на блокчейне Неподалеку от столицы страны, в районе городка Алмере, появится футуристическое поселение ReGen. Инфраструктура деревни будет основана на технологии блокчейн и искусственном интеллекте. Площадь деревни составит не менее 20 га: там разместят 203...
  10. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Sweden

    The Swedish economy is well-developed and export-oriented. In the twentieth century, a poor agricultural country turned into one of Europe’s most developed industrial states in several dozens of years. It was rich natural resources that affected the economic growth. They still play an important...
  11. J

    Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today?

    There are over 1500 cryptocurrencies in the market which makes the investment in the cryptocurrencies even more confusing. Does anybody know which cryptocurrency to invest in for a higher return?
  12. thedesertlynx

    Dash Stress Test Processes Double Bitcoin’s On-Chain Transactions Without Issue

    Dash Stress Test Processes Double Bitcoin’s On-Chain Transactions Without Issue Dash underwent a network stress test, processing over double Bitcoin’s transactions without a performance decrease, validating long-term scaling plan. Over the course of a couple of days, the Dash network...
  13. Amotion Labs

    For Develop Cryptocurrency Contact Us!

    We are a strategic consulting firm focused on blockchain technologies. Our mission is to help you discover opportunities, plan, and execute your strategy in your economy through blockchain. For Government Build trust through open, transparent and collaborative networks to create better public...
  14. Wilmar Toro

    Cómo Bitcoin se convirtió en la ICO más grande

    Cómo Bitcoin se convirtió en la ICO más grande Durante una reciente discusión sobre criptomonedas en el Porcupine Freedom Festival en New Hampshire, un amigo mío, Chris Pacia, de OpenBazaar, describió al Bitcoin post-dividido como una ICO (Oferta Inicial de Moneda, por sus siglas en inglés)...
  15. BitcoinCasinoKings

    52 Times Bitcoin Died 2010 - 2018 (INFOGRAPHIC)

    This Infographic shows 52 ways Bitcoin died in 2010 – 2018. Funnily it seems that the same news and doomsday talks seem to continue from year to year and Bitcoin just goes on. And also, when the course dips, more and more these articles pop up. When the course is going up, there seems to be not...
  16. A

    Размещение майнингового оборудования (ASIC или GPU) в наших специализированных майнинг дата-центрах

    Размещение майнингового оборудования (ASIC или GPU) в наших специализированных майнинг дата-центрах на острове Пхукет (Тайланд). Поможем приобрести майнинговое оборудование с завода по цене производителя при условии размещения оборудования в нашем дата-центре. Особенности размещения...
  17. J

    “Julian Auto Bot Program gets you the Best of Both Worlds - Trading and Crypto Mining!”

    The best place to park your money to profit from Cryptocurrency The Julian Auto Bot Program is a Game Changer which will act as a lever to amplify your Miniscule Efforts for Bigger Gain. Julian Auto Bot Platform is powered by Julian Coin. Julian...

    DASH on my website.

    Hello Dash community. Advertise your project on One ad-block costs $9 and it will be live until November 2021 minimum. At the moment I receive 200 visitors to my website everyday. I advertise my website on cryptocurrency social media channels of all sort. My...
  19. E

    [ANN] EBANKER - Exchange & Lending Platform

    WEBSITE || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || TELEGRAM || WHITEPAPER EBanker is a third generation exchange project with a unique referral program giving back 10% for direct referrals in Ethereum. Savings program for investors with up to 52% interest per month, supported by crypto and forex trading...
  20. 9

    Bitcoin Breaks Below $7K to Fall to 50-Day Low

    The price of bitcoin is back below $7,000 and trading at its lowest price since Feb. 7. According to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index, the world's largest cryptocurrency is changing hands at $6,700, a move that follows its steady decline from around $8,000 since the start of the Mar. 29 trading...
  21. A

    WTB Sell Bitcoin and Ethereum at the hieghest prices through Korean partnerhip

    Have you ever heard about Korean Premium? Korean exchanges are highly popular for the highest prices for cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, mining and crypto-trading is becoming omnipresent in South Korea. Moreover, not only can local people trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) at the highest...
  22. Mark Mason

    Jack Dorsey Predicts Bitcoin to be the World’s Future Single Currency

    Jack Dorsey Predicts Bitcoin to be the World’s Future Single Currency The CEO of Square and Twitter, said on Wednesday that “the world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be bitcoin”. Dorsey went on to elaborate...
  23. Crypto Shop

    Bitmain Antminer, gloednieuwe originele producten

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  24. Crypto Shop

    WTB Trusted Seller: NEW Bitmain Antminers with APW3

    FREE SHIPPING 30 DAYS RETURNS Money Back Guarantee VAILABLE HOT PRODUCT - BITMAIN ANTIMINER Bitmain Antiminer S9 Bitmain Antiminer D3 Bitmain Antiminer L3 GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Cards MSI RX 570 4GB Gaming X Mining Bitcoin Ethereum GPU email…. [email protected] website…………...
  25. L

    Is there any way to sell apps on cryptocurrency exchange?

    Hi this is liana completed Bitcoin Training my question is some where I heard that some cryptocurrencies have their own decentralised exchanges. Is it possible to sell our own apps there and how should that work? Thanks.
  26. ccare

    WTS Bitmain Antminer S9 BTC Bitcoin Miner 13.5 TH/S + APW3 USA

    Selling s9 “IN HAND & READY TO SHIP” from Brooklyn, NY I’m selling s9 miner as I just moved to a new apartment and they can’t control heat, it is very hot and I can't run miner. Interested person's kindly write me, we are online! E-mail: [email protected] Skype ID: good.grace01
  27. I

    ICO Schedule - Website Which Can Help You Make Better Choices While Buying ICOs

    ICOschedule, a California based company has created rating and review website of all the best ICOs available in the market. It is specifically designed to provide detailed information and help the community to invest in the trusty projects. Speaking on its launch, representative from the...
  28. H

    You can make it happen start Earning 1BTC IN BITCOIN MINING and make instant withdrawal daily

    Register with our trading company today and stand a chance to be traded for by a professional account manager. i manage account with the profitable system that is 99% accurate and helps me win always for investors possible earning in 1 week. With a minimum investment of $250 $250 gives $2500...
  29. A

    [ANN][BOUNTY] 3 ETC Tokens to win!

    With the launch of Airdropster we want to become a reference in Airdrops/Bounties/ICOs crypto So we are launching a simple contest: 3 people will win 1 ETC each! You can find all the details on
  30. V

    [Mobile App] Coinmarket, The best tool for trader

    This year, we see the blooming of virtual currencies. In just one night, you can become a billionaire or go bankrupt. With such a vibrant and volatile virtual currency market, it is great to have a tool to help you track the prices and be updated with the latest news. I introduce you to the...
  31. O

    Ormeus Coin appreciated 20% over the past day.

    This coin is trading at 0.00020681 BTC and is listed on Cryptopia, Hitbtc, C-cex, Mercatox and Prescott Regency Exchanges. Ormeus is an Ethereum-based token backed both by token sales and a geographically diverse industrial cryptocurrency mining operation. ORME coin is the gold standard in...
  32. G

    [ANN]Your easy-access gateway to safer cryptocurrency investment is right here!

    Sphinx is an Ethereum pure utility Token, The world's first people-driven investment community. Taking the first step to bring transparency and legitimacy to the ICO market. Sphinx Token gives cryptocurrency investors an arena to work together towards a common goal. Sphinx Token's Community...
  33. T

    Bitcoin sent from electrum ERROR-please help

    i am running electrum 2.6.1 and i recently sent a payment from my wallet to another location. It was left on unconfirmed for 48Hrs and then confirmed. Over 600blocks confirmed now. The payment was never revived on the other side and still says "unconfirmed" Later on my electrum wallet had...
  34. A

    Earn through Affiliate Links

    To cash-in on arguably the biggest opportunity at Affiliate Summit West (ASW) 2018, make your move with the Pennies to Millions newsletter “Bigger Than Bitcoin”. Click Here...
  35. O

    Ormeus Coin is the name of a new cryptocurrency assembled by a team of cryptocurrency experts

    Ormeus Coin brings the “gold-standard” of Bitcoin together with the programmable smart contracts of Ethereum in order to create a coin that has never been seen before in the history of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency that is backed by Bitcoin mining and is designed to outpace the growth of...
  36. chargcoin

    Charg Coin HUGE #Holiday #SALE is going on right #Now! Only $0.20/CHG...
  37. chargcoin

    50 Free Coins Every Week!

    Follow These Steps!
  38. A

    Dash Price Prediction 2018: Dash Hopes to Replace Bitcoin in the Future

    This report contains a complete overview of Dash, including: A subsection on Dash vs. Bitcoin Dash and Bitcoin price history How to buy Dash coins How to choose a Dash coin wallet A Dash price prediction for 2018 Full Info...
  39. Dashmaximalist

    what exactly are issues with Proof of stake ?

    hi Geeks so what are the main issues with POS ? POS looks like a very neat idea , why do you want to waste tons and tons electricity which could put to good use otherwise ? ETH is hell bent on moving to POS and scaling 100x type of thing. i understand some economic issues with POS like if...