1. EazyDay

    Merchant Complaints

    Which forum do we post proof of Bitcarts stealing of my DASH, $900.USD Just gave them a final warning?
  2. Opera Incubator

    Scaling up Bitcart & Festy

    We are excited to submit our proposal to split payments over 3 months to fund the Bitcart development roadmap and to integrate Festy in Irish bars in 10 locations. Thanks to all the feedback from the Dash community over the last few days. You can vote on the proposal here...
  3. mastermined

    My Experience Planning Travel 100% With Dash

    I live unbanked, 100% off of Dash. I also recently booked two trips for upcoming speaking engagements, one to the Texas Bitcoin Conference at the end of this month, and one to the European Students for Liberty regional conference early next month. I achieved this without touching fiat currency...
  4. mastermined

    Over 300 Businesses Accept Dash Worldwide, More to Come With BlockCypher Grants

    Dash is accepted as payment at over 300 businesses around the world, with more likely on their way thanks to a new blockchain grant program. DiscoverDash, a business listing and main street adoption-geared site run by the Dash Force, currently lists over 300 businesses worldwide that accept...
  5. grams

    Proposal: Amazon Advertising

    Bitcart Amazon Advertising Bitcart has hit a milestone by completing the development of v4.0 this week with a launch date set for this Friday, 25th of August. This enters Bitcart into Phase two of our Roadmap with Dash which is to scale up...
  6. mastermined

    BitCart Dumps Bitcoin, Goes Dash-Only

    BitCart has announced that they will be removing Bitcoin as a payment option, providing exclusive support for Dash. Earlier this year, the Ireland-based startup, which offers users a 15% discount on gift cards when using cryptocurrency, integrated Dash as a payment option alongside...
  7. Mark Mason

    BitCart Review - Dash Force News

    BitCart Review - Dash Force News BitCart is a cryptocurrency startup competitor to the industry heavyweight for allowing users to pay with crypto for anything off of Unlike Purse, which acts as escrow while other users buy your products for you, BitCart just straight up...
  8. mastermined

    BitCart, CryptoBuyer, and CryptoWoo Integrate Dash

    BitCart, CryptoBuyer, and CryptoWoo Integrate Dash Online shopping platform BitCart has added Dash integration, as have Venezuelan exchange CryptoBuyer and e-commerce plugin CryptoWoo. BitCart, a blockchain startup from Ireland similar to industry star, added Dash integration to its...