ben swann

  1. Argon31

    April Macro Budget Discussion. Fitting in your proposals.

    Soooo It is the middle of the month and as predicted last month, we can already see the hangover of giving away 800 to Swann and 1000 to Feedbands, with a massive pileup after 6200. There is another russian feedbands for 294 now doing the same: Spend money on advertising without adoption or...
  2. Argon31

    Ben Swann has been defunded. Keep him out. Vote good ones in.

    Seeing the comments and how the voting has progressed on the Ben Swann Proposal, It is clear that there are higher and stronger forces that are controlling the DAO and average mns have next to no real say when it comes to the crunch. The notion that Ben is adding any value to real adoption is...
  3. Argon31

    Ben Swann wants money to build his Private Studio. Africa & Venezuela projects should go elsewhere.

    Under the idea of promoting so called free journalism, there is a proposal, that if funded, will greatly reduce the space for small African and Venezuelan projects and give away millions to Ben Swan, so he can construct a private studio for himself in Atlanta. The proposal is to give him...